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New Year Resolutions Progress?

So today marks the midway point of the month. How are you doing with those slightly aged New Year Resolutions? Struggling? Feel like you have just been wasting yout time? Maybe even given up entirely?

Picture of a man climbing a mountain

Resolutions are like climbing mountains but having a coach to encourage can help

But wait, it’s not too late. Tomorrow is a new chance to get back on track. Every day offers you a fresh chance to start again. You haven’t failed until you give up hope. You can do it!

Need a hand? Want to stop starting over? Maybe you need a coach? We should talk.

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Life coaching and Keeping New Year Resolutions

The second day of January often presents the first serious challenge to many people’s New Year Resolutions. The first temptations to have a quick smoke or slack off a trip to the gym begin to manifest and some people will find themselves giving in already. Which is why life coaching may be of assistance. A picture of a calendar

Life coaching helps you identify what you really want from life. Often New Year Resolutions fail because they are more a case of what you think you want, rather than what you really want.

And more than simply figuring out what you want, your life coach will help you map out out what you need to achieve those goals. By drawing up a plan of action you can begin to appreciate what is required and how long it will really take to get to goal...

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The Rule of the 5 Whys

One of the aims of any life coaching session is to draw up a course of action to help reach a goal by creating several milestones in the process. As ideas are brainstormed, often a plan is formulated which can look more than a little suspect. It is at this point I suggest introducing the “Rule of the 5 Whys”. Picture of a large black question mark

When trying to get a coachee to formulate their own plan of action, it is essential that their coach helps them remain realistic. The “Rule of the 5 Whys” can help focus a coachee by questioning their thought process and helping them crystallise what it is they hope to achieve simply by asking the question “Why?”. For example:

During a coaching session, Jim says that he wants to leave his job as an accounts clerk and retrain as a teacher...

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Article – Use stepping stones to achieve

The second of two articles based around the psychology of success, “Use stepping stones to achieve” was commissioned by Steve Burford of Wealthy Student for inclusion in the essay base on his website. A picture of some stepping stones Using his experience as a life coach, Ben Lloyd was asked to write about the importance of setting intermediary targets when working on a large project or goal.

The Wealthy Student website is aimed at university students, providing advice on financial and career-oriented subjects to assist learners in completing their studies and to help ensure future career success. Information such as financial planning advice and general motivational and planning techniques are among the topics covered.

Commissioned by Steve Burford via the PeoplePerHour website the article is now included in the Wealthy ...

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Article – Planning for Profound Changes in Your Life

Tech Write were approached by Steve Burford of to write two articles based around theA picture of a graph showing an upward trend psychology of success. The first article “Planning for Profound Changes in Your Life” published on the Wealthy Student website, discusses the steps required to plan and complete a life changing goal and is based on Ben Lloyd’s experience as a life coach. Wealthy Student act as an information source primarily for university students, providing advice on financial and career-oriented subjects to assist learners in completing their studies and to help ensure future career success.

The article was commissioned by Steve Burford via the PeoplePerHour website for publication in the Wealthy Student “Psychology of Success” archive...

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