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3 tips to regain your own copywriting voice

Yesterday one of my copywriting contacts blogged about how writing for clients and adopting their tone of voice meant that she had lost her own personality. Although Rachel can write compelling text for her clients, she noticed that her own blog posts lacked a certain zing.

A picture of a sparkler symbolising the lost creative copywriting spark

Lost your copywriting mojo? Here’s 3 tips to reignite that spark

Has she lost her soul in the process of channelling her clients wishes?

Unless Rachel is working for Lucifer himself (it is possible – I’ve never seen her client list), the answer is no. Here’s my tips for getting her mojo back.

1. Stay diverse

An extremely successful copywriter once told me it is far better to specialise in a niche, than to be a jobbing writer for all trades. And he was probably completely right.

But for the professional researcher/writer

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The Death of Guest Blogging – Matt Cutts Starved My Family

Every time Matt Cutts opens his mouth, the SEO industry goes into meltdown. As Google’s “head of webspam”, his job is to tweak algorithms in any way he sees fit to deliver the best possible search results to customers. Oh, and to sell more sponsored search results.

When Cutts says something, those involved with search engine optimisation (SEO) listen.

Picture of Matt Cutts who allegedly killed guest blog posting

Matt Cutts – fairy murderer and bane of the SEO professional

Matt Cutts – Fairy Murderer

Each time Google release a new algorithm update a fairy dies. Or an SEO guru loses their job. Maybe even both.

So when Cutts issued his latest commandment - Thou shalt not guest blog – there was collective disbelief from SEO agencies across the world...

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Copywriting tip – 10 reasons your Top 10 blog posts suck

If you have used the Internet for more than five minutes, you’re bound to have encountered at least one Top 10 blog post or article. Incredibly popular with sites like Reddit and Buzzfeed, these top 10 lists promise all kinds of awesome entertainment and excitement.

But the truth is, top 10 lists suck. Here are my top 10 reasons for not using them.

10. These lists are invariably “click bait”

Top 10 lists are usually designed to get people to click onto your site and read a list of somewhat arbitrary information dressed up under an irresistible headline. The idea is that once people have hit your site, they just won’t be able to resist clicking through to read more of your wonderful content. They might even buy something!

But they won’t, because they quickly discover that you cheated them...

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Web content writing tip – Contaminated Copy

The current media fascination with contaminated “beef” burgers throws up an interesting parallel for website content managers and copywriters – just how fresh is the text on your website? Does your website contain contaminated copy?

The demand for new website content is insatiable. Blog posts, white papers, articles and general product information pages need to be created on a frequent (even daily) basis to attract customers and search engines alike. But what about the older copywritten content on your site?

Copywritten content contamination biohazard logo

Copywritten content contamination is bad. Like horsemeat in burgers bad.

Well established blogs have hundreds of posts which help maintain a narrative trail for your business. The problem is that these blog posts often contain outdated information...

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3 tips from Cameron’s EU speech for bloggers & copywriters

Wherever you stand on the issue of Britain’s EU membership, no doubt you will be hearing about David Cameron’s speech made this morning on the topic. Reading between the lines, and ignoring the political bluster, the format of the speech and the language used have some interesting lessons for bloggers and copywriters. Here are three tips which can be lifted from the speech and put to use for great copywriting success.

David Cameron makes his copywriting point by pointing

“EU. Yes EU back there. Pay attention if you want some great blogging tips”

1. Visual language engages

Several times Cameron employed the use of descriptive language to help engage listeners with his “vision”.

A war which saw the streets of European cities strewn with rubble. The skies of London lit by flames night after night...

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