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Customer Feedback is a Content Goldmine

Although customer feedback is essential for improving products and services, their responses can in fact be multi-purpose, helping to create a further return on investment when creating and deploying satisfaction surveys. When the results of a feedback survey are collated, they often contain gems which can be put to good use for marketing your business.

The Testimonial

In an age where social interaction is becoming more important, customer recommendations are gold. Often customer

Picture of A+ customer feedback

If you get some A+ customer feedback, you should always use it for a website testimonial

feedback contains positive comments which can then be used on your website or other advertising media, raising the credibility of your business...

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Case Study – DIY Chain Uses QR Codes To Combat Flat Pack Hell

Tech Write were approached to write a case study around the successful and innovative deployment of a QR Code marketing campaign by DIY chain Selfix. The case study includes details of the implementation project and the positive outcomes for Selfix as well as comment from Paul Lakeman who assisted them with the design of their QR Code campaigns.

The case study itself has been used by to promote their expertise in the field of QR Code marketing and is currently posted on their company website.

If you would like to know more about the case study writing services offered by Tech Write UK and how they could benefit your business, please get in touch

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Case Study – Zuma Fashions and NFC Technology

Tech Write were approached by Paul Lakeman of Near Field Communications (Jersey) to write a case study of a recent project undertaken by the NFC specialists. The case study was to document the stages of a projectZuma Fashions Smart Poster undertaken by clothing retailer Zuma Fashions to integrate Near Field Communications Technology into their digital marketing strategy.

The case study covers the background of the project, details of the three distinct phases of the roll-out and concludes with the findings of the project and the thoughts of the key decision makers at Zuma...

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