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If Innocent wrote technical copy

Can technical copy ever be “fun”?

Innocent Smoothies have set a trend in the digital marketing age with their “quirky” approach to copy. An ever-so-friendly tone of voice, coupled with enthusiastic social media management has been surprisingly successful.

And when something proves to be acceptable, hundreds of imitators spring up overnight.

The problem is that “chummy” text isn’t suitable for every industry. In fact, over friendly copy is thoroughly unsuitable for most industries – especially in the B2B marketplace.

Don’t believe me? This is what would happen if Innocent-style “wackaging” technical copy were used to sell HP blade servers:

HP BladeSystem — BL460c Carrier-Grade Server

This blade may be sharp, but it won’t cut you. Sweet! Picture of HP BL-460c server with accompanying Innocent-style technical copy

Loads of computery bits, to do loads of computery...

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How big is the Internet? Digital copywriter advice

The Internet is undeniably big. So big that even Google cannot seem to decide how much content is out there. In 2008 the official Google blog claimed there were over 1 trillion webpages (1,000,000,000,000) in existence. But by 2012 they were only indexing 50 billion.

A picture of the internetworked world

The worldwide web is growing every day.

Maybe the de-indexing of content farms helped streamline the Internet a bit, but we’ll never know for sure. Especially seeing as everyone gave up trying to count the web in 2012.

The exponential growth of web content is great news if you are buyer. Much less so as a seller. With literally billions of webpages to compete against, how can your business stand out?

Digital content writing must be exceptional

Let’s face it...

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3 tips to regain your own copywriting voice

Yesterday one of my copywriting contacts blogged about how writing for clients and adopting their tone of voice meant that she had lost her own personality. Although Rachel can write compelling text for her clients, she noticed that her own blog posts lacked a certain zing.

A picture of a sparkler symbolising the lost creative copywriting spark

Lost your copywriting mojo? Here’s 3 tips to reignite that spark

Has she lost her soul in the process of channelling her clients wishes?

Unless Rachel is working for Lucifer himself (it is possible – I’ve never seen her client list), the answer is no. Here’s my tips for getting her mojo back.

1. Stay diverse

An extremely successful copywriter once told me it is far better to specialise in a niche, than to be a jobbing writer for all trades. And he was probably completely right.

But for the professional researcher/writer

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Monday musing – is it time to Americanize?

Stupid question, right? But…

1. The success of the World Wide Web has been led by US companies.
2. The rest of the world has got used to reading website text in ‘American’ English.

You can even prove it for yourself. Try Googling words with British and American spellings – you can bet there will be more results for the latter.

Picture of American English being selected from the language settings for a copywriting project

Cloud global copywriting success hinge on choosing American English spellings for your webpages?

Merrie Olde England

The ‘British English’ copywriter is probably gnashing their teeth at this point. Why would you want to sully your website with a bastardised variant of your mother tongue?

Because on the world stage, you look provincial. Quaint even. Like a throwback from Merrie Olde England.

If your business hopes to use the Internet to go global, you need to speak th...

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Copywriter tips stolen from Kurt Vonnegut

Some years ago, novelist Kurt Vonnegut outlined eight rules for writing a good short story. Of those eight rules, five apply directly to great copywriting:

Kurt Vonnegut - popular novelist offers copywriter tips

As a proponent of gallows humour, would Vonnegut be amused by a copywriter stealing his novel-writing tips?

1. Use the time of a total stranger in such a way that he or she will not feel the time was wasted

Like motivational speakers love to tell us – K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid.

People visit your website in the hope of finding some useful information, so tell them what they want to know immediately.

See how points 2, 3 and 6 are missing below? That’s because they are irrelevant to copywriting and will only waste your time.

4. Every sentence must do one of two things — reveal character or advance the action

No fluff. Stop padding...

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