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Product Review – HP Scroll Mouse

Below is another product review written for the consumer opinion websites Ciao UK and DooYoo, this time detailing the HP PS/2 Scroll Mouse. The tone is lighter than a more professional review as is in keeping with the “community” feel of both websites. You can read the full review in place here.


Overview & Appearance

The HP PS2 optical scroll mouse is about as basic as mice come these days. Featuring left and right click buttons and a scroll wheel, this mouse seems to be the basic model shipped with all of their HP Compaq desktop PCs. Manufactured on the sneak by Logitech, the main body of the mouse is housed in black plastic with a small, tastefully subtle HP logo printed on it in silver, whilst each click button is finished in a metallic silver...

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Product Review – Better than a Bontempi organ

The following product review was written for consumer website Ciao.co.uk which maintains listings of independent articles based on their product catalogue. The tone of Ciao is quite informal and all reviews are based purely on the opinion of consumers, hence the lighter tone than that found for other publications.


The HP 2004 Standard Keyboard is the basic, bog-standard input device currently shipping with HP Compaq entry-level desktop PCs such as the dx2400. Being that the PC supplied is a no-frills machine, it is little surprise that a no-frills peripheral is included. Remember that this is a PC-only peripheral.


The keyboard is a fairly innocuous affair with black keys, black housing and a silver highlight plate which occupies the upper third of the unit with a bl...

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