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Article – Near Field Communication Technology Deployments Accelerating

New start-up approached Tech Write to write a number of articles about Near Field Communications and QR Codes for marketing purposes, to help promote their eponymous product, TypTag, which combines both technologies. As requested, the article was written as a high-level explanation of Near Field Communications (NFC), accompanied by some very simple scenarios in which the technology could be deployed as an advertisement for various industries and brands.

Because the article is aimed at newcomers to NFC technology, it is written in plain English, avoiding overly technical terms or jargon wherever possible. The full article can be found here

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Article – QR Codes from NFC Jersey

To announce the launch of a new addition to the Near Field Communications (Jersey) product portfolio, Tech Write UK were commissioned to write an article about the planning and implementation stages required to ensure the success of a QR code advertising campaign. As well as describing the basic operation and usage of QR Codes, the article documents 11 points of consideration for digital marketers.

The article has formed the basis of a new product page on the Smart Poster webpage. The full article can be found here.

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Press Release – NFC Jersey & Print Reaction Partner To Produce Typtags

Tech Write UK were approached to produce a series of four press releases publicising the new partnership between Near Field Communications (Jersey) Ltd and Print Reaction to produce a revolutionary new smartphone marketing tool known as Typtags. Typtags blend QR codes with NFC technology to provide mobile marketing capabilities which are compatible with virtually any smartphone handset.

Tech Write were asked to describe the nature of the new partnership and to give a high-level description of the new Typtag product and potential uses and benefits of the new product. Tech Write were also asked to emphasise the importance of the NFC Jersey – Print Reaction relationship to the success of the new venture.

The press releases were then published to various news distribution outlets as well as t...

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Article – NFC Smart Phone Technology

Originally written as a lengthy point-of-sale (POS) display for use in 3 Mobile stores, this latest commission by Near Field Communications (Jersey) Ltd has also doubled as an additional web page on the website. NFC Smartphone & TerminalTargeted squarely at consumers looking to replace their existing mobile phone handsets, the article is intended to convince potential customers to upgrade to a smartphone equipped with an NFC chipset.

Because of this, the article describes a number of situations in which Near Field Communications technology could prove beneficial through savings in time, effort and money, all of which appeal to cost-conscious consumers.

You can see the full article here


Built into the latest Smart Phone handsets, (NFC) Near Field Communication Technology allows you to quickly...

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Article – NFC Smart Posters and Google Wallet

To follow up the announcement of Google Wallet, Near Field Communication (Jersey) Ltd approached Tech Write UK Google Wallet Logoto write an article to outline the way in which NFC Smart Posters could be coupled with Google’s new mobile software technology. Written to appeal to marketing executives and businesses looking to gain a competitive advantage, the article gives a brief explanation of Near Field Communications Technology, Google’s Wallet and Offers smartphone apps and and overview of how these systems can be combined and extended using Smart Poster marketing.

The full article “Google Offers Goes Live” is available on the website now.

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