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QR Code and Mobile Marketing Q&A

We’ve all seen them and they are gaining popularity quickly. Known as QR codes, those small, black and white patterned squares that appear on packaging, flyers, posters and even TV, and provide a fantastic way to draw people to your website. Here are a few common questions and answers which may help you to best decide how QR codes could benefit your own marketing methods.


QR Codes are a modern take on the traditional barcode found on most products in the supermarket. However, the patterns of squares allow for extra information to be embedded providing a great opportunity to reach out and connect with customers.

When scanned, the code should automatically direct the customer to a mobile-optimised webpage which provides them with additional information about your products and services...

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Article – Property QR Codes UK

Tech Write were asked to write an article about the potential for using QR codes by Estate Agents to develop their businesses and increase sales. The article was to form the
basis ofthe home page for a new website at PropertyQRCodes.co.uk which

Property QR Codes UK Logo

specialises in the construction and deployment of mobile marketing campaigns for real estate agencies.

Using the technical knowledge and copywriting ability of Ben Lloyd, the article outlines the benefits of using QR codes for mobile advertising, suggests a number of potential deployment scenarios and finishes with a definitive call to action, encouraging readers to find out more.

To find out more about how Tech Write UK could benefit your company through the creation of compelling articles and web copy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Case Study – DIY Chain Uses QR Codes To Combat Flat Pack Hell

Tech Write were approached to write a case study around the successful and innovative deployment of a QR Code marketing campaign by DIY chain Selfix. The case study includes details of the implementation project and the positive outcomes for Selfix as well as comment from Paul Lakeman who assisted them with the design of their QR Code campaigns.

The case study itself has been used by RetailQRCodes.co.uk to promote their expertise in the field of QR Code marketing and is currently posted on their company website.

If you would like to know more about the case study writing services offered by Tech Write UK and how they could benefit your business, please get in touch

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Article – QR Codes Make Mobile Marketing a Reality

As well as their eponymous offering combining Quick Response (QR) codes with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, UK mobile advertising specialist TypTag produce custom QR codes for general distribution.
QR Code link to www.tech-write.co.uk
Because QR codes remain a relatively new phenomenon within the UK, TypTag have been keen to raise public awareness of the technology and potential benefits for both businesses and customers alike.

TypTag approached Tech Write to produce a series of basic articles outlining the business benefits available through the use of QR codes as part of mobile marketing strategies. These articles were then published on their website or used to form the basis of a number of press releases for online distribution. You can read one of the QR Code articles on the TypTag website.

Tech Write produce...

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Article – Near Field Communication Technology Deployments Accelerating

New start-up Typtag.com approached Tech Write to write a number of articles about Near Field Communications and QR Codes for marketing purposes, to help promote their eponymous product, TypTag, which combines both technologies. As requested, the article was written as a high-level explanation of Near Field Communications (NFC), accompanied by some very simple scenarios in which the technology could be deployed as an advertisement for various industries and brands.

Because the article is aimed at newcomers to NFC technology, it is written in plain English, avoiding overly technical terms or jargon wherever possible. The full article can be found here

Please Contact Us if you would like to know more about how Tech Write’s article writing services could benefit your business too.

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