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Monday musing – is it time to Americanize?

Stupid question, right? But…

1. The success of the World Wide Web has been led by US companies.
2. The rest of the world has got used to reading website text in ‘American’ English.

You can even prove it for yourself. Try Googling words with British and American spellings – you can bet there will be more results for the latter.

Picture of American English being selected from the language settings for a copywriting project

Cloud global copywriting success hinge on choosing American English spellings for your webpages?

Merrie Olde England

The ‘British English’ copywriter is probably gnashing their teeth at this point. Why would you want to sully your website with a bastardised variant of your mother tongue?

Because on the world stage, you look provincial. Quaint even. Like a throwback from Merrie Olde England.

If your business hopes to use the Internet to go global, you need to speak th...

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I can’t afford a copywriter

If you realise that your website text isn’t up to scratch, but cannot afford the services of a professional copywriter, you have two choices:

1. Outsource (offshore) the job to someone willing to work for a couple of dollars

There are plenty of freelance websites that will put you in touch with workers offering their services for around $2 per 1000 words. Put the morality of using such a service to one side for a second though and check the quality of the language used on their freelancer profile. If it is full of poor spelling and dodgy grammar (it will be), so too will anything you get for your $2.

Instead, you should put that cash in a charity box where it may actually do some good.

Picture of some appalling spelling and grammar

Those wiggly lines aren’t there to look pretty, they exist to highlight mistakes...

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“Not provided” and how to screw Google back

Google has announced plans they say are designed to protect the privacy of people using their search engine. The idea is to encrypt the search terms we use, thereby preventing anyone from spying on what we are looking for. In future webmasters will see nothing but “not provided” in their website logs.

Google already uses the same technique to encrypt searches performed by users of their other services, such as Gmail or Drive. Anything you search for is encrypted so that not even website owners know exactly what you were looking for when you land on their site. The idea is to extend this same privacy to anyone using Google search.

Picture of a question mark in response to "not provided" from Google Analytics

What are your visitors searching for? You’ll never know thanks to “not provided”.

But this promise of privacy is, of course, complete rubbish...

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Copywriting tip – What happens when the PPC budget runs out?

By far the easiest way to get on the first page of Google is to pay for a sponsored results listing. Choose your keyword, set a budget and watch with delight as your website pops up at the top of matching searches. Amazing!

Picture of some search engines

PPC search results are great. Until you run out of money.

Your site will continue to appear in the sponsored search results section at the top of the page and your account will be debited the pennies or pounds quoted for your chosen keyword. Until you hit your budget limit. When you run out of PPC funds, your sponsored links immediately disappear, which is a problem if your site does not have some great search engine optimised (SEO) content to rely on.

Great content is what helps your website climb up the Google rankings “organically” (your hard work is recognised by G...

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Copywriting Portfolio – Clearswift

As a leading provider of IT security solutions worldwide, solutions vendor Clearswift recognise the importance of appearing to be cutting edge, to inspire confidence in customers that their packages are also up-to-date. With the launch of a new suite of revolutionary solutions on the horizon, Clearswift decided that their website could also do with an overhaul, calling upon inbound marketing specialist  Tomorrow People to assist.

The new Clearswift logo

The new copywritten content was to accompany a complete rebrand for Clearswift including this new logo

The Brief

Although the new website was expected to take several weeks to launch, Clearswift and Tomorrow People agreed to complete the initial web content copyedit process in just 10 days...

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