Have you ever wanted to bring balance to your life? Set and complete some intelligent goals for yourself? Develop better interpersonal skills or complete a specific project? The end of a year often leads people to consider potential life changes for the next and a coach could help you towards achieving those goals.

Life coaching is designed to draw out your potential and put it to work for your benefit. There is no prescribed course of action, no extensive training courses involved, instead life coaching focuses on developing and enabling through personal  reflection. Life coaching should not be confused with mentoring or training as it focuses on drawing upon the individual’s abilities, interests and experiences to assist with their own development.

A recent report from the International Coaching Federation reveals that people entering into coaching relationships are able to attain these goals and more. In fact, of those surveyed, 98.5% of people felt their investment in coaching was well worth the money as they gained a better understanding of themselves from the process, and experienced a greater degree of personal success.

Tech Write are therefore pleased to announce the addition of coaching to their portfolio of services. Ben Lloyd has recently completed an intensive training course and received his accreditation with making him a fully qualified life coach, able to assist with whatever personal and professional goals you may have. Whether your targets are personal or professional, Ben can assist you towards reaching them.

To find out more about coaching and how it could be of benefit to you, please contact us for an informal, no obligation chat.