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IT Consultancy


Put simply, IT Consultancy is making Tech Write’s extensive industry experience at your disposal. Tech Write provide advice regarding IT within your business, make recommendations for improvements or specify solutions to meet your specific needs.


With over 14 years IT industry experience, Tech Write have the knowledge of how IT can be used to improve business efficiency and also an awareness of the common pitfalls. Previous Picture of a network switchclients have used this experience to audit their existing computer networks and to identify cost savings or improvements available for minimal investment.

Using our knowledge of what is possible, Tech Write can help you plan for the future, and use IT to make those plans a reality.


One of the most high-profile consultancy projects undertaken, saw an audit and report drawn up for a major London housing association on behalf of an intermediate business, Evolved Communications.

The housing association in question had had several recommendations handed down by the Audit Commission which had to be implemented in order to ensure continued levels of funding. Ben spent two days onsite analysing and documenting the computer network across each of the association’s sites and interviewing members of staff. This information was then written up in a report outlining Ben’s findings and referencing specific areas requiring improvement against the original Audit Commission report.

The final report was presented to board members of the Housing Association and has gone on to form the basis for much of the future IT strategy for the organisation. An anonymised copy of the report can be downloaded from here (PDF – 807KB).

Despite the scale of this project, similar audits have been completed for smaller organisations comprising as little as four employees. Each report however has had a similar impact on the organisation undertaking an IT Audit.


We were approached by a large public sector organisation who required a review of their current IT systems against central government recommendations for a forthcoming process audit. Junari were able to provide a suitably experienced consultant who not only produced the requested review, but who also advised on potential cost-saving measures and then referenced the report and recommendations against the National Audit Office’s guidelines for the organisation. To say the client was impressed is an understatement.
Trevor Porter – Evolved Communications