Hair Loss Treatments – Web Content

Although Tech Write tend to specialise in article writing for technology companies, we also work with businesses from a broad range of other industry sectors. One of our longest standing projects has been working with another agency to produce blog posts about treatments for the UK’s leading hair loss clinic.

In the past we have covered all aspects of hair loss conditions and treatments including:

  • Celebrity hair loss stories
  • New developments in hair loss treatments
  • Hair loss charities and support groups
  • General hair care guidelines
  • Exploration and debunking of common hair loss myths

Balding manDepending on the client’s needs, stories range from the scientific to the sensational, formal or informal; the overall goal however is to inform and engage website visitors, and to encourage them to contact the clinic for further advice regarding their own hair loss. As a result we have a high level of experience in writing about hair loss now!

To find out more about Tech Write’s blogging services, or to discuss your own specific blogging needs (we can research and write about almost anything you need), why not drop us a line today?