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Writing Mobile Web Content

The explosion in popularity of mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers has created the need for mobile-optimised websites and written content to match. The small screens on an iPhone or iPad mean that website owner must be succinct when promoting goods and services for fear of losing potential business – the return however is well worth the trouble.

Major UK retailers like John Lewis have reported a large increase in purchases being made by customers using their mobile phone, up to 11% of their transactions this Christmas (last year it was just 3%). Internet auction site eBay are predicting that globally the m-commerce market will be worth $5 billion this year...

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QR Code and Mobile Marketing Q&A

We’ve all seen them and they are gaining popularity quickly. Known as QR codes, those small, black and white patterned squares that appear on packaging, flyers, posters and even TV, and provide a fantastic way to draw people to your website. Here are a few common questions and answers which may help you to best decide how QR codes could benefit your own marketing methods.


QR Codes are a modern take on the traditional barcode found on most products in the supermarket. However, the patterns of squares allow for extra information to be embedded providing a great opportunity to reach out and connect with customers.

When scanned, the code should automatically direct the customer to a mobile-optimised webpage which provides them with additional information about your products and services...

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Press Release – iPuja Pro v2.0 Released on App Store

Tech Write were approached by Fabrizio Bartolomucci of Mia Foto to write and distribute a press release publicising the the availability of an updated version of their iPuja Pro iPhone app from the Apple App Store. The press release was to stimulate interest in iPuja Pro by describing the new features in the second version of the app, and to encourage readers to download the program for themselves.

Despite Mia Foto being based in Rome, Italy, Tech Write were able to take the client’s specifications and transform them into a compelling article which could then be distributed to English-speaking media channels.

Tech Write have a proven track record of creating and distributing effective press releases for organisations of many different types, from software houses to poultry schools to churc...

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Article – NFC Smart Posters and Google Wallet

To follow up the announcement of Google Wallet, Near Field Communication (Jersey) Ltd approached Tech Write UK to write an article to outline the way in which NFC Smart Posters could be coupled with Google’s new mobile software technology. Written to appeal to marketing executives and businesses looking to gain a competitive advantage, the article gives a brief explanation of Near Field Communications Technology, Google’s Wallet and Offers smartphone apps and and overview of how these systems can be combined and extended using Smart Poster marketing.

The full article “Google Offers Goes Live” is available on the website now.

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Case Study – Zuma Fashions and NFC Technology

Tech Write were approached by Paul Lakeman of Near Field Communications (Jersey) to write a case study of a recent project undertaken by the NFC specialists. The case study was to document the stages of a project undertaken by clothing retailer Zuma Fashions to integrate Near Field Communications Technology into their digital marketing strategy.

The case study covers the background of the project, details of the three distinct phases of the roll-out and concludes with the findings of the project and the thoughts of the key decision makers at Zuma...

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