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No blog? Your website is doomed. Or not.

Your website must have a blog. If your site has no blog, you have no hope of getting the attention of potential customers or search engines and your website is doomed. And your business too.  Or so many web gurus will tell you.

A picture of a sinking ship

Your blogless website will sink like a stone. Not.


The blog is a powerful tool when generating website traffic and developing your brand. A blog really does help demonstrate your industry expertise and help your potential customers understand who you are and what you do. But there are other ways to achieve similar goals.

Consider social media...

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Content Marketing – the returns that keep on coming

You will notice that we talk about web content and content marketing quite a bit on our blog. This is not just because web copywriting is what we do for a living, but because it is also vitally important for your business to thrive on the web. Why? Consider these benefits:

  • The more content your company publishes, the more chances there are that search engines will find your website.
  • The more attention your site gets from search engines, the more your search engine ranking will increase.
  • The higher the search engine rank, the more likely real people will visit and read your website.
  • The more people who visit your site, the more likely you are to make a sale.

Blah, blah, blah. You’ve heard it all before right? But consider this:

Picture of a boomerang made of money, a metaphor for a return on investment

What's cooler than a boomerang? A boomerang made of money.

  • A...
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Are you planning to give your blogging a summer break?

The long summer break is nearly upon us (here in the UK anyway!) and thoughts are quickly turning to holidays and time off work. But what about your company blog? The always-on nature of the internet means that a break in your blog could have wider implications.

Breaks in blogging cost readers

Ultimately your blog is there for your customers, present and future, to learn more about your business, your industry and your viewpoint on various relevant topics. Over time blogs collect a number of followers who return regularly to your website to read your latest posts. If your readers find that nothing has changed since their last visit they will eventually stop coming back. Permanently. Picture of a man in a summery looking swimming pool

Breaks in blogging cost search engine results

People are not the only ones reading your website content; se...

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