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Content Marketing, $1 Trillion and Your Business

A new report from eMarketer claims that global ecommerce sales have topped $1 trillion for the first time in 2012. Yes, $1 trillion. And that figure is set to rise again next year.

Stack of pound coins created through copywriting and content marketing

Using content marketing and copywriting you could start creating stacks of cash for your business

It is little surprise to find that US shoppers account for the majority of that sum. However Britain’s position in the league table is unexpected – second with $110 billion spent. Bad news for the high street perhaps, but great for those trying to leverage the power of the web for increased profit.

Which is why despite the popularity of online video, copywriting services are becoming ever more important...

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2012 – Our Copywriting Year in Review – Part 2

Following on from our last installment (predictably named 2012 – Our Copywriting Year in Review – Part 1), we continue our run down of the past twelve months, describing some of our projects and introducing some of our new customers. Enjoy!


Despite many businesses winding down their marketing efforts to reflect the Summer slow-down, Tech Write forged two new relationships requiring frequent blog contributions. Warrington-based educational IT-specialists Do Digital employed us to write a number of monthly blog posts targeted at their unique market niche. Meanwhile Essex web design agency Bytewire were also on the look out for skilled ghostwriter to contribute content to their company blog.

A picture of a desk calendar

A desk diary – very 2013!


August was relatively quiet although our ongoing commitments for...

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What links International Education Week and Web Copywriting Services?

International flags marking International Education Week

The internet makes your web content truly global

This year International Education Week is being held between the 12th and 19th November. But what does a celebration of international education and web copywriting services have in common?

The answer involves considering what your own website is trying to achieve. What are most people looking for when they surf the web? What are you looking for as you trawl websites? For some it will be entertainment but for most it will be information. Some will even be looking for entertaining information.

But when you read useful information, you are of course being educated in the process.

However, unlike International Education Week, the content on your website has to last longer than seven days...

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Content Marketing – the returns that keep on coming

You will notice that we talk about web content and content marketing quite a bit on our blog. This is not just because web copywriting is what we do for a living, but because it is also vitally important for your business to thrive on the web. Why? Consider these benefits:

  • The more content your company publishes, the more chances there are that search engines will find your website.
  • The more attention your site gets from search engines, the more your search engine ranking will increase.
  • The higher the search engine rank, the more likely real people will visit and read your website.
  • The more people who visit your site, the more likely you are to make a sale.

Blah, blah, blah. You’ve heard it all before right? But consider this:

Picture of a boomerang made of money, a metaphor for a return on investment

What's cooler than a boomerang? A boomerang made of money.

  • A...
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Content Marketing – You have to give if you want to receive

Although it seems to go against common sense, the new “social” web has created a paradox which many businesses are struggling to come to terms. Because in order to get something from your customer, you need to give them something first.

Content marketing is like this picture of a man holding a gift

Content marketing – giving your customers free information – feeds into the self-service culture that the Internet has created.

Now before you think I mean offering discounts, kickbacks or bribes, what you give need not necessarily be purely financial. Often an offer of assistance or some quality advice may be all your customer needs, and what sets your business apart from your competition.

One of the best ways to create interest in your brand is to clearly demonstrate benefits through creative copywriting – these days they like to call it ‘content marketin...

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