Copywriting Day Rate

I am often asked, “What is your copywriting day rate?”

A picture of some charts used to calculate a copywriting day rate

A generic picture that may (or may not) have anything to do with my copywriting day rate

My answer is, “You’re asking the wrong question”.

I almost never quote my day rate.

Instead I prefer to supply copywriting clients with a fixed project price.

A fixed price means you know exactly how much my bill will be once the copy is signed off.

And when everyone knows exactly what to expect upfront, there’s no disputes at the end of the copywriting process.

Does that mean my copywriting day rate is pointless?

Yes and no.

The day rate exists to help me calculate the overall project price.

And because I am open about my fees (here’s my rate card), my pricing is remarkably transparent.

If you really want to know what my daily rate is I’ll tell you.

You can even use that number to compare me to my copywriting peers (or the latest suggested rates published by ProCopywriters).

But unless your project is expected to take exactly one day, I’ll never quote it.

My daily rate is not a fair indicator of how much your project will cost. Nor is it a particularly useful tool for measuring quality – the only factor that really matters when comparing copywriters.

So instead of asking for an intangible figure that may (or may not) mean something, we’ll have a mature chat about what your copywriting project is really worth – to both of us.

Then I’ll give you a fixed price cost estimate for the entire project.

Stop getting hung up on a meaningless number and start asking the right questions. Drop me a line and let’s talk about the details that really matter for your project.




How much do you charge?

Prices are calculated on a project-by-project basis. You can find details about how I calculate my quotes on my copywriting rate card.

Do you offer agency rates?

I’m always open to negotiation. Let’s talk.

Can you do a free trial sample?


Your prices seem a little high…

When you hire me, you’re choosing a writer with more than 20 year’s experience of the IT industry. And I’m not just some typewriter monkey either – I worked in IT support and management for 16 years before becoming a copywriter.

You’re paying for experience and high-quality copy.

I’m not the cheapest copywriter, and you don’t want me to be either.

Here’s why cheap copywriting sucks.