Customer: Falcon.io (now part of Brandwatch)

Industry: Social Media Marketing

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Customer quote:
Thanks so much for doing such a wonderful job with the Kicker.de write up!
Manita Dosanjh, PR And Communications Executive, Falcon.io

Falcon.io (formerly Falcon Social) offer a comprehensive social media management platform for major brands to engage followers and track brand sentiment. In this ultra-competitive market space they wanted high quality, long-form blog articles to fuel their inbound marketing campaigns.

Since 2015 I have written for Falcon several times, contributing articles on a monthly basis at one point. Most were tutorial-style blogs that helped readers to understand a particular social media trend and how they could apply it to their own marketing campaigns

Unusually these articles were published under my own name. All articles were written in US English. All projects were billed in Euros.


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