International copywriting services

International copywriting services help your business reach the widest possible international audience. Over half of the Internet is written in English, because it is the world’s unofficial second language.

So you must have an English option for your website and marketing materials.

You probably have the skills to put together some basic English copy yourself. But is it up to the standard your customers demand?

But if the spelling and grammar are not perfect, you face two problems.

  1. Inaccurate text creates confusion and reduces your conversion rates.
  2. Poor spelling and grammar damages the credibility of your brand.

I can help. Earth - showing global copywriting services

I have worked with brands from France, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, Moldova, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ukraine and Italy to produce native English standard copy. By ensuring that the underlying message is not confused, I help them excel on the world stage.

Are you an agency working on behalf of a client to help establish an international presence? A brand trying to increase export sales? I can help.

I even bill in $USD or €EUR. And Polish Zloty if you ask nicely.

Proven international copywriting services

Here are some examples of previous projects I have undertaken:

Trustpilot (Denmark)

The popular Trustpilot customer review service operates out of Copenhagen. Working with the Tomorrow People agency I have written a large amount of inbound marketing content, and web copy designed to boost customer sign-up rates. Read more in the Trustpilot portfolio entry ->

Panda Security, now part of Watchguard (Spain)

Panda Security develop anti-malware security solutions for consumers and businesses. I have been contributing at least one article weekly to the company blog since September 2016. You can find some examples in the Panda Security portfolio entry -> (Denmark)

Also based in Copenhagen, the platform helps brands manage and improve their social media presence. Working directly with the in-house marketing team, I have written a number of how-to articles for the company blog.

Ben is a fantastic writer who managed to understand and absorb the nuances of our highly technical product in a short space of time. His copy is also optimised for search engines and his writing therefore helped to improve our rankings.”
Jan McQuillan – Head of Content & Distribution portfolio entry ->

Eversoft (Poland)

Eversoft are a Java software house operating out of Warsaw. They offer a range of development services, from complete outsourcing to workforce augmentation, helping customers to build the software they need to achieve digital transformation. I regularly proofread and copyedit content produced by their excellent in-house marketing team and occasionally contribute to the Eversoft blog too.

Hexagon (Netherlands)

Hexagon specialise in industrial software that allows large plant operators to build digital twin models and better manage their production lines and assets. I have written a number of sales emails, blog articles, handouts, landing pages, reports and ebooks as part of Hexagon’s ongoing content marketing efforts.

Computer Data Source (USA)

CDS provide third party hardware support for enterprise-class IT storage systems from their global headquarters in New Jersey, USA. Working alongside the Elastic Creative agency, I have ghostwritten the CDS blog for several years, and produced a number of technical white papers as part of their ongoing inbound marketing campaign.

He writes in a fashion and style that makes it very easy for a reader to understand even if the topic is quite technical and the reader is not. His content is tailored to reflect the culture of his client and supports their message and brand.”
Dave Grimshaw – Global Business Development & Corporate Marketing Executive

Computer Data Source portfolio entry ->

Retently (Moldova)

The Retently platform helps calculate customer Net Promoter Score (NPS) so that they can better target services and support. Working with their team in Moldova, I have ghostwritten a number of articles for their blog.

Origina (Ireland)

From their Dublin headquarters, Origina provide post-warranty support for legacy IBM software. Working with Squaredot inbound marketing agency, I have ghostwritten content for the redesigned website,  contribute regularly to the company blog and wrote a technical ebook for customers considering third party support.

Konduko (Switzerland)

Konduko is a Swiss startup specialising in proximity marketing solutions. They asked Tech Write to create some new brand messaging. Working with the head of marketing we wrote a new company tagline and service offering description for use on their printed collateral.

Mia Foto (Italy)

Italian iPhone app developer Fabrizio Bartolomucci regularly uses Tech Write’s international copywriting services. I produce and distribute press releases for every new app release or significant upgrade. These have helped to raise the profile of his mobile transport utilities, driving new App Store downloads.

He wrote a wonderful press release for me you may also read at
Fabrizio Bartolomucci – Managing Director

Let’s talk about how my international copywriting services may be able to help you.


Which currencies do you accept?

In addition to Pounds Sterling (£GBP), I regularly accept payment in Euros (€EUR), US dollars ($USD), Swiss francs (CHF), Polish Zloty (PLN). Other currencies may be available on request.

How do you work?

Actually, the correct question is ‘how do you work?’ After all, my job is to simplify yours. Your business has its own way of working, and I do whatever I can to accommodate your preferences. You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you like during the project – all I need is an understanding of what you need. Then it’s over to me to deliver by the agreed deadline.

Can you deliver copy tomorrow?

Possibly. Drop me a line and we’ll talk.

Yes, but can you *really* deliver copy tomorrow?

It has been done before, and it will be again. But we need to talk now if you want it to happen. Drop me a line using the live chat box to get started ->.

Do you offer agency rates?

I’m always open to negotiation. Let’s talk.

Can you write….?

Yes, almost certainly. I regularly write blog posts, sales emails, white papers, reports, ebooks and social media posts. I’ve also written video scripts, CVs, print articles and physical brochures. I’ve even been tricked into writing someone’s university midterm paper.

Just because you don’t see it listed here, doesn’t mean I can’t write it. Drop me a line – I’m unlikely to say no.

Do you speak any other languages?

Although I offer international copywriting services, my language skills are quite poor. I speak French and German to high school level, and I’m learning a few hundred words in Polish.

I am very good at working with people from across the world though, helping to turn their ideas into great copy – and sales.