Ben Lloyd, Tech Write and technical copywriting services

Tech Write is built upon the IT industry experience of Ben Lloyd (that’s my picture on the home page). Since 1996, I have worked in technical support, managed large computer networks, written software manuals, built websites and managed online marketing campaigns.


Tech Write fuses my industry knowledge with great words to create specialised technical copywriting services. By focusing on writing copy that converts into cash, my copywriting skills are now in demand from clients in a broad range of other industries too.


I also write articles and blog posts for a number of leading digital marketing agencies (although you are unlikely to ever see them with ‘Ben Lloyd’ in the byline), and I have published work for leading companies operating in the IT, recruitment, software, finance and health sectors.


I am the hired thought leader for when your own experts are too busy (or unwilling) to produce the content needed to drive a modern digital marketing campaign.


You can see who I have worked with and what I have done in my portfolio at All except those projects protected by NDAs of course.


And if you want to see exactly what I did before becoming a professional tech copywriter, have a look at my LinkedIn profile –


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