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Sadly, I am not currently looking for copywriting assistance and there are no copywriting jobs available at present. Could I suggest that you check out the #CopywritersUnite hashtag on Twitter and LinkedIn which is often used to advertise open projects and opportunities.

If you would like me to recommend you to an agency like Croud, let me know and I will make the necessary introductions.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT an invitation for “guest blog post submissions“.


Copywriting is (in my opinion) the best job in the world. Copywriting jobs allow me to read, research and write. And the text that I write has a direct bearing on the success of their company.


That’s an awesome responsibility.


Which is why I want to hear from would-be writers who can help me out, in return for the opportunity to earn money writing for real clients.


Copywriting jobs are not for everyone

Before proceeding it’s important to recognise that as much as I love what I do, copywriting is not a job that suits everyone. Everyone can write, but, contrary to popular opinion, not everyone can write well.


This job will probably not suit you if:

  • You see copywriting as a step towards becoming a novelist. Writing a book and creating copy are related, but distinct skills and you may find this job “limiting”. Or maybe you won’t.
  • You hate having to learn about new subjects. A lot of the topics Tech Write covers for clients are fairly alien at the start of the project, which means a lot of reading and research is required to write copy that presents the client as an expert in their field.
  • You can’t manage your own workload and learning.
  • You cannot handle negative feedback. Almost everything you ever write will need tweaking or amending, which can be hugely frustrating – but it’s also vital to ensure the client gets the copy they need.
  • You want to earn megabucks from the outset. Like most businesses, you have to work your way up – and in the freelance world, that means establishing a name for yourself as a competent writer. But it all takes time and effort.


But working with Tech Write should suit you if:

  • You need to earn some extra cash.
  • You have a decent standard of written English. I don’t care if you have GCSEs, A-levels or even a degree. I don’t even care if you are based in an English-speaking country – you just need to be able to write well.
  • You know how to use the web properly to source accurate and reputable information.
  • You love reading about new topics, and often find yourself disappearing “down the rabbit hole” as you seek to expand your knowledge.
  • You’re not afraid to say yes to a project, ignoring that voice in your head that seeks to limit your ambitions all the time.


In all honesty, the sorts of copywriting jobs on offer are best suited to interns, or someone looking to make a little extra cash on the side of their day job. How you then use the experience you gain is up to you.


What I promise to do

  • I will pay a reasonable rate for any projects you complete. Some jobs may not pay top dollar, but they will outstrip charlatans and robbers like Copify. I will treat you fairly.
  • I will never ask you to do work for free, or in return for “exposure”. I know only too well that backlinks, likes and clicks don’t pay the bills or feed hungry mouths.
  • I will give you the benefit of my experience to help you get a handle on the freelance copywriting business.
  • I will issue you with the instructions needed to complete a project to the standard demanded by a client.
  • Allow you the freedom to make mistakes and to learn from them.
  • I will proofread and copyedit content before it goes through to the client.
  • I will not stop you from finding your own clients, or taking on other work. In fact, I encourage you to do so because the more you write, the better you get.
  • I will do my best to give you the chance to do copywriting jobs for some big names (like these previous projects).


What I can’t promise to do

  • Sadly, the nature of freelance work is often feast or famine, which means I can’t promise regular copywriting jobs.
  • Deliver exciting projects consistently. Some of the topics we get asked to write about are not (on the face of it) exciting. The fun part is trying to turn a boring subject into something our client’s clients will find useful, informative and entertaining.
  • Deadlines are ridiculously important in this business, and they never seem to be long enough either. So I can’t give you forever to complete a project.


Still interested in copywriting jobs? Great! Send me an email to [email protected] including a copy of your CV and a recent piece of work you’re proud of. It doesn’t have to be a published article, I’ll even consider your essays from college. But whatever you choose, please find one that is related to a topic you enjoy – the enthusiasm tends to make a piece “shine”.


Do you accept guest posts?

No. Please stop asking already.