2019 – A Year In Review

2019 has been another record-breaking year for Tech Write. This year I’ve completed 129 projects, delivering 643 assets for 49 clients in 13 different countries. It’s been busy…

A pie chart showing the project types undertaken by Tech Write in 2019


Tech Write continues to work closely with marketing agencies to create high quality articles, eGuides and white papers for use in content marketing campaigns.

It’s now six years since I began working with Tomorrow People, writing for more than 70 of their clients in that time. Notable accounts this year include VIBBIO (simplified video production software), Zonal (EPoS and cash management for restaurants and bars) and Cognite (operations management systems for the Oil & Gas sector).

I’ve also continued to work closely with Elastic Creative in Edinburgh, SquareDot in Dublin, Croud in London, Catalyst in Birmingham and Modern and Legal Words in Bristol.

New agency clients include:

  • Clever Marketing 
  • One Common Ground
  • Guerrilla Creative
  • Hartley-Stone
  • Lauren Rooney

International copywriting

International copywriting continues to be an important part of the service I offer – and the weak Pound has helped to drive interest from abroad.

It is now three years since I started blogging weekly for Panda Security (Spain). In that time we have worked on more than 155 unique, educational articles for their B2C anti-malware blog.

Work for translation provider TRAVOD also evolved slightly as I began to copyedit the website of sister brand Wordminds Translations. Although headquartered in London, I have been working regularly with their project team based in Romania and Moldova to ensure messaging is properly tailored towards their native English-speaking target market. I’ve also completed a project for one of their clients, a smart recruitment firm based in Estonia.

In the shadow of Brexit, another interesting series of projects came via the Guerrilla Marketing agency. Together we have been editing a series of technical reports to make them more readable. The fun part is that the reports are for Interreg, an EU program designed to stimulate cooperation between member states. And even as Britain exits the EU, the work keeps coming in.

One of the largest projects of the year came from the US via Poland. SolarWinds, creator of a suite of highly-regarded network monitoring tools, asked me to create nearly 100 new landing pages to promote their products and drive SEO traffic to the SolarWinds website. Although based in the US, the project was overseen by SolarWind’s digital marketing manager in Kraków. Despite accepting payments in Polish Zloty, the project was billed in US dollars.

I’ve also completed a few projects for StrongPoint, a vendor of secure cash handling solutions from Lithuania. Now into the second year of our working relationship, I have written several blogs targeted at their international customer base, and helped to review and improve their website.

Flags of the 13 countries Tech Write wrote for in 2019
Tech Write worked with clients in 13 different countries this year

New clients

During 2019 I’ve had the privilege of working with some great companies with some really interesting products and services. Less exciting are the watertight NDAs these firms use to protect their intellectual property.

This means I can’t tell you about the white paper I wrote for an Artificial Intelligence development start-up from London. Or the website landing pages for the well-known FTSE250 insurance firm. Or the software house producing innovative systems to help enterprise-grade service providers accurately calculate their SLA performance at the network level.

Plastics and industrial processes have also been a recurring theme throughout the year. In general I have:

  • Copyedited website content for a plastics manufacturer specialising in polymers.
  • Written a brochure for an Austrian firm that produces PVC alternatives for power cable insulation. 
  • Written blog articles, email campaigns and landing pages for a Dutch company specialising in management control systems for the chemical industry.

Back for more

A couple of familiar faces came back to Tech Write this year – some after many years. In most cases this was because of a change of agency. So I was pleased to work with these companies again:

  • Gamma Telecoms (a new lead generation campaign including emails and blog articles promoting VoIP technologies).
  • Dynamic Technologies Europe (webpages for a brand new website advertising specialist IT consultancy services).
  • Riverbank IT (a series of educational blogs to support their IT support service).

End of an era

After five years, 450 blog articles, a new website, and more than 150,000 words, the CDS content project (in conjunction with Elastic Creative) finished. A change of ownership – and marketing strategy – meant that the relationship has finally come to an end.

Although Mondays will never be the same, it’s a relief to not be thinking about third party enterprise storage maintenance and support services all the time!

Ready for 2020

The past year has been incredibly varied – 129 projects for 49 different clients. And with new projects already queueing up, 2020 looks like it will be just as busy.

Let’s discuss how I can help your business – drop me a line.