Write my mid term paper for me

Can you write my mid term paper for me? It’s a strange question, but one that I have been asked a few times now.


A picture of a donkey shows what happens when you write a mid term paper

Write my mid term paper for me? What an ass

And worst of all, yes, I have written someone’s mid term paper for them once before.


Could you write an IT strategy please?

As an experienced content writer, I am regularly asked to write case studies, so when I received an email from a new US-based contact asking for an IT strategy write-up I wasn’t surprised.


Better still the strategy was for a major IT manufacturer – and the client was ready to pay my entire project fee upfront.


We swapped a few emails, the client passed me a ton of supporting material, and the funds were deposited in my account. The fact that my US-based client paid via a German bank account was a little odd, but such is the nature of international copywriting.


After a few days of trading drafts and notes – working to US time – we had a viable business case in place to consider. Using the strategy document I put together, the manufacturer had everything they needed to make an informed decision about the future of their data warehouse.


In fact, they had all the empirical data needed to justify a move from a traditional RDBMS to a Hadoop-based Big Data platform to drive their R&D programme forward.


The client thanked me, and promised to feedback from the team within the next week.


An A+. For my mid term paper

Sure enough, I received some feedback a week later. And it was very positive:

you are simply awesome. you replied in a very short time, and just did a great job. 

i do not see anything you left out. thank you so much, ben.


This is the sort of feedback that makes a copywriter feel all warm and gooey inside. But there was a problem.


Scanning further down the attached email chain, I found an instruction that had been issued to my client:

Could you please STRICTLY follow ALL (!) THE PROFESSOR´s RECOMMENDATIONS in the attached file (marked in red and black) within ONE DAY, and modify the latest modified version of the report you sent me.


I had been duped. There was no manufacturer, just a well-funded (lazy) uni student.


Can you write a mid term paper? I know I can.


A change of policy

Since that time I have been much more careful. Especially when we’re coming towards the end of an academic term.


So before you ask, no, I won’t write your mid term paper for you. Or your Virginia Tech paper. Unless you agree to have your degree certificate made out in my name of course.




How do you work?

Actually, the correct question is ‘how do you work?’ After all, my job is to simplify yours. Your business has its own way of working, and I do whatever I can to accommodate your preferences. You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you like during the project – all I need is an understanding of what you need. Then it’s over to me to deliver by the agreed deadline.

Do you write academic papers?


It’s your degree, you earn it.

Do you write tutorials / user guides?

Absolutely. Sometimes I’ll even supply screenshots. Let’s talk.

Do you write technical manuals?

I have written technical manuals and administration guides in the past, and I’m open to doing it again. If you have a specific project in mind, we should talk.