I am not Ben Lloyd-Hughes – I am Ben Lloyd

I am Ben Lloyd. If you have landed on this page, you were probably looking for Ben Lloyd-Hughes, star of the teen movie blockbuster ‘Divergent‘. And Sanditon. And Industry. And loads of other stuff now.

A picture of Ben Lloyd-Hughes who is neither a copywriter, nor is he me.

Ben Lloyd-Hughes. This is not me.

Unfortunately for you, I am not he. You should blame Google/Bing for sending you here.


I am Ben Lloyd

I am actually Ben Lloyd, a freelance technical copywriter. And seeing as you are here now, why not take the time to learn a little about me?

Because like Ben Lloyd-Hughes, I live in the UK. Less well-known is the fact that I too was a child actor (admittedly I wasn’t quite as successful). I would also look pretty silly in Regency period costume.


I am not an actor (any more)

When it became clear that I simply wasn’t all that interested in acting, I started a career working in IT. Which I did for the next 16 years. Unfortunately that failed to grip me in  the same way that writing did.

Although I like technology, I got fed up of fixing other people’s computers. I also discovered that a lot of businesses need a lot of web content written – especially in the field of IT.

Tech Write was born to fill that need.


Ben Lloyd – Tech Copywriter

These days I am a full time tech copywriter producing inbound marketing content for some of the world’s biggest brands. And a lot of smaller ones too.

Copywriting may not sound as exciting as being a Hollywood star, but I do get to work with a lot of very interesting people and companies. Unlike Mr Lloyd-Hughes.

Hopefully this very brief bio will make up for not finding Mr Lloyd-Hughes. Good luck with the rest of your search. But please do feel free to drop me a line if you’d like my autograph. Or some sparkling web content.

Please also be aware that despite Google’s claims, I am not:

  • A Labour councillor from Oxford. That’s Ben Lloyd-Shogbesan.
  • An artist from Wales.
  • A Swansea City football player.
  • A funeral director from Cheadle Hulme.
  • A fitness instructor. Or a professional golfer.
  • A paediatrician at the Royal Free Hospital London.
  • A fund manager. Or a real estate agent. Or an architect. Or a QC.
  • I have never entered a triathlon – or an ironman contest.
  • I don’t play guitar for Frank Turner.
  • Oh, and I am most certainly not dead.

(I have also never even seen Sanditon).

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How do you work?

Actually, the correct question is ‘how do you work?’ After all, my job is to simplify yours. Your business has its own way of working, and I do whatever I can to accommodate your preferences. You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you like during the project – all I need is an understanding of what you need. Then it’s over to me to deliver by the agreed deadline.

Can you write….?

Yes, almost certainly. I regularly write blog posts, sales emails, white papers, reports, ebooks and social media posts. I’ve also written video scripts, CVs, print articles and physical brochures. I’ve even been tricked into writing someone’s university midterm paper.

Just because you don’t see it listed here, doesn’t mean I can’t write it. Drop me a line – I’m unlikely to say no.