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Industry: Digital Marketing Agency

Location: Edinburgh, UK
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Ben has the skills to turn many separate facts, supplied by many different people, into one consistent, accessible and compelling voice – I highly recommend him.
Lauren Rennet, Owner and Creative Director, Elastic Creative
Elastic Creative first approached Tech Write for copywriting services in October 2014. They had recently signed a deal with US-based hardware services provider and needed assistance creating copy for their SEO and inbound marketing efforts.

Over the next five years I wrote more than 460 short-form articles for the Computer Data Source (CDS) blog at a rate of two or three per week. I was also asked to write blog posts for other Elastic Creative clients including Shackleton Technologies and ETB.

As well as blog posts, I have also written landing pages, white papers, case studies, newsletters, nurture emails and video scripts.


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Written by Ben Lloyd

Ben Lloyd has worked in the IT industry since 1996, covering a number of roles from helpdesk support to network management and everything in between. Tech Write is built on this experience, offering outstanding technical copywriting services to agencies and clients across the world.