Elastic Creative

Customer: Elastic Creative

Industry: Digital Marketing Agency

Location: Edinburgh, UK

Customer quote:
Ben has the skills to turn many separate facts, supplied by many different people, into one consistent, accessible and compelling voice – I highly recommend him.
Lauren Rennet, Owner and Creative Director, Elastic Creative

Elastic Creative first approached Tech Write for copywriting services in October 2014. They had recently signed a deal with US-based hardware services provider and needed assistance creating copy for their SEO and inbound marketing efforts.

Over the next five years I wrote more than 460 short-form articles for the Computer Data Source (CDS) blog at a rate of two or three per week. I was also asked to write blog posts for other Elastic Creative clients including Shackleton Technologies and ETB.

As well as blog posts, I have also written landing pages, white papers, case studies, newsletters, nurture emails and video scripts.


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