Copywriting tip – National Stop Snoring Week

Wake up! Believe it or not, the 22nd-27th April is National Stop Snoring Week here in the UK. Although the event is  intended to raise awareness about sleep apnoea and other sleep-related disorders, the web copywriter can also do their bit to help prevent snoring.

Picture of a man who has been sent to sleep by poor copywriting. Image copyright belongs to cell105

Terrible copy appears to have sent this poor soul to sleep. Let’s hope he’s not snoring.

How? By not writing snore-inducing, boring junk obviously.

B2B writing projects by their very nature require a slightly more formal tone. But formal never means boring. Business people are still people after all, and everyone needs some entertainment. Apart from actuaries – there seems to be some debate over their humanity. Your business customers will also appreciate your efforts to inform and entertain them, particularly as the sound of snoring in an open plan office is particularly disruptive.

Consumers on the other hand demand to be entertained. Some experts claim that you have less than one second to capture your reader’s attention and engage with them. Even if your opening paragraph is gripping, they could still click over to one of your competitors if you then go on to bore them through the rest of the page.

So whatever you are planning to blog or upload this week, please try and make it interesting. Together we can beat boring content and snoring.

If you need help jazzing up your content, or you’re afraid that your website is sending your customers to sleep, get in touch. Tech Write specialise in creating tailored web content designed to keep your reader’s attention and inspire a response too.