2 stats for copywriting for a great marketing email

Social media might be the “in” marketing technique, but when it comes to B2C sales, email marketing remains the most effective medium. According to research from the IAB, 88% of consumers regard email as an important communication tool and 85% of respondents saying they check their email every day.

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Using these 2 key statistics, you can help ensure your emails hit their target

Which is why so many of the world’s largest brands make such an effort to keep customers “warm” using email. So what can you steal from the big boys’ playbook to put to good use as you copywrite your own email marketing campaigns?

Getting your email copy right

Getting your customer to actually open your email is something of a challenge, but there are a few further insights from the IAB research which can help:

  • 70% of people surveyed said that an email subject line which contains news of a discount or special offer is likely to be opened
  • 66% of people liked receiving email with special offers and discounts

If the old maxim of marketing – give the customer what they want – holds true, your most successful email copywriting efforts will include an offer or discount, preferably in the subject line. In doing so, customers are also more likely to appreciate your mailings. Bonus tip: Boring subject lines actually seem to work best – tell people what is inside the message, rather than trying to sell from the outset.

Despite this preoccupation with promotional pricing, 60% of customers prefer to receive email just to keep in touch with brands they like. It is therefore your business’ job to ensure your customers like you and keep on liking you.

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