Customer: Squaredot

Industry: Digital Marketing Agency

Location: Ireland

Customer quote:
First and foremost Ben is a subject matter expert in the world of B2B Tech and as such has proven his worth to my clients. He can break down complex themes and write in a clear and engaging tone. Ben is also very responsive, never misses a deadline and is easy to work with.
Sean Sharkey, Creative Director, Squaredot

As well as being one of my first international copywriting clients, Squaredot has gone on to become one of the most loyal. Since 2015 Tech Write has written for nine Squaredot client accounts as well as providing blogging support for the agency itself.

In addition to writing regular articles, I have also written white papers and eGuides for Irish firms including:

  • Origina (IBM third party software support)
  • PSI (Field sales management software)
  • Gaina (Sales automation software for the drinks industry)
  • Idiro (Data analytics services)

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