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Ghostwriting services

Depending on how you wish to present your company blog, you may prefer your content to appear to have been written by yourself or one of your employees. Often however this desire to get web copy writtenA picture of a ghost internally means that projects are put on the back burner and your blog suffers as staff struggle to find time to write.

Tech Write specialise in ghostwriting articles and blog posts for businesses who need to maintain a corporate image and require content to be created and published regularly. Whether you need content for your own website, or are an agency looking for a freelance copywriter, I can help.

I already ghostwrite for a number of businesses directly or as part of a wider marketing effort by an agency. Depending on how you prefer to work, I can contact customers directly or ensure all communications go through your in-house account manager.

With prices starting from as low as £175 per month, and all ghostwriting backed by a satisfaction guarantee, Tech Write can produce web content that is both cost effective and compelling. Use the contact form to get in touch and see how I can help you today.