Is Web Content Really King?

An article recently did the rounds on Twitter claiming that marketing is more important than your web content. Without marketing, no one will ever find your site and content the author says. And in a way, they are correct.

The spiral staircase of web content marketing success

On the spiral staircase of success, to market your business, you must first market your web content

Writing great copy and publicising it are no longer separate activities. With millions of new webpages being created every day, the chances of people simply stumbling across your website are virtually zero.

It is essential that every article or blog post you create is advertised somewhere to encourage people to visit.

There are plenty of ways to publicise web content- email marketing, tweets or submission to various web directories. But most important of all is having it linked from somewhere reputable on the web. Preferably multiple times.

The clickbait mistake

Where the author of the article appears to have made a serious mistake is failing to recognise that once a visitor has clicked through onto your blog, they are expecting to read something of genuine quality. And not just one good page either. They expect your entire website to be populated with equally engaging and worthwhile reading material.

One of the best ways to annoy visitors (and ensure they never come back) is by using a flippant piece of clickbait.

So the old belief that ‘If you build it, they will come’ is outdated and incorrect. But marketing alone is not sufficient to create business either.

Marketing and web content are now inextricably linked. When writing for the web (or having someone ghostwrite for you) you also need to decide how to market that content. You also need to adopt a consistent tone and message across each asset.

Digital marketing is multi-layered. To market your business, you must first market your content.

Web content is no longer king. But only a fool believes that marketing has stolen its throne.

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