Web copywriting

You know all that text you see on webpages? That’s called web copy. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the process of creating that content is called web copywriting and it’s something I specialise in at Tech Write. A generic webpage icon

Whether you have an existing site which requires a refresh, or are starting out with a blank canvas, I can provide outstanding content for your website. I have worked with industries as diverse as IT and technology, asbestos removal, swimming schools, diamond jewellers and more. I offer freelance web copywriting services to create genuinely informative and useful websites for your customers.

I have also written for property investment providers, cosmetic surgeons and digital designers. In fact I have the research and writing skills to write authoritatively about almost any topic or industry, including yours. Web copywriting is my speciality (although I also offer other writing services too).

So why not drop me an email using the contact form to discuss your needs, and I will provide the necessary freelance web copywriting skills.



How do you work?

Actually, the correct question is ‘how do you work?’ After all, my job is to simplify yours. Your business has its own way of working, and I do whatever I can to accommodate your preferences. You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you like during the project – all I need is an understanding of what you need. Then it’s over to me to deliver by the agreed deadline.

Can you write….?

Yes, almost certainly. I regularly write blog posts, sales emails, white papers, reports, ebooks and social media posts. I’ve also written video scripts, CVs, print articles and physical brochures. I’ve even been tricked into writing someone’s university midterm paper.

Just because you don’t see it listed here, doesn’t mean I can’t write it. Drop me a line – I’m unlikely to say no.

Do you write tutorials / user guides?

Absolutely. Sometimes I’ll even supply screenshots. Let’s talk.

Do you write technical manuals?

I have written technical manuals and administration guides in the past, and I’m open to doing it again. If you have a specific project in mind, we should talk.