Good news for anyone who missed the Writer’s Block show

Did you miss my recent appearance on Sarah Banham’s ‘Writer’s Block’ show? And the repeat?

The Saint FM logo - Home of the Writer's Block radio show

Writer’s Block is broadcast every Tuesday night at 7pm on Saint FM

Fortunately I recorded the show – you can listen to it below. We discussed several topics, including what copywriting actually is, and how I got started in the business.

Please leave me a comment below to let me know what you think of the interview or if you have any questions.

I also mention two extremely useful books during the show, you can find out more about them both here:

Writer’s Block is on every Tuesday night at 7pm on Saint FM an...

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Ben Lloyd to appear on “Writer’s Block” radio show

UPDATE: Listen to a recording of Ben Lloyd on Writer’s Block

I have been invited to appear on the popular Writer’s Block radio show on Maldon’s Saint FM from 7pm tomorrow night (17th June). Over the course of the show I will be talking about my experiences in moving from working in hands-on IT management and support, to setting up a digital copywriting business. Since making the switch I have gone on to work with some of the world’s biggest brands.

The Saint FM logo - Home of the Writer's Block radio show

Writer’s Block is broadcast every Tuesday night at 7pm on Saint FM

Budding writers interested in learning how to make a living from their wordsmith skills are encouraged to tune in for useful tips and tricks that could help launch their own copywriting career...

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If Innocent wrote technical copy

Can technical copy ever be “fun”?

Innocent Smoothies have set a trend in the digital marketing age with their “quirky” approach to copy. An ever-so-friendly tone of voice, coupled with enthusiastic social media management has been surprisingly successful.

And when something proves to be acceptable, hundreds of imitators spring up overnight.

The problem is that “chummy” text isn’t suitable for every industry. In fact, over friendly copy is thoroughly unsuitable for most industries – especially in the B2B marketplace.

Don’t believe me? This is what would happen if Innocent-style “wackaging” technical copy were used to sell HP blade servers:

HP BladeSystem — BL460c Carrier-Grade Server

This blade may be sharp, but it won’t cut you. Sweet! Picture of HP BL-460c server with accompanying Innocent-style technical copy

Loads of computery bits, to do loads of computery...

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How big is the Internet? Digital copywriter advice

The Internet is undeniably big. So big that even Google cannot seem to decide how much content is out there. In 2008 the official Google blog claimed there were over 1 trillion webpages (1,000,000,000,000) in existence. But by 2012 they were only indexing 50 billion.

A picture of the internetworked world

The worldwide web is growing every day.

Maybe the de-indexing of content farms helped streamline the Internet a bit, but we’ll never know for sure. Especially seeing as everyone gave up trying to count the web in 2012.

The exponential growth of web content is great news if you are buyer. Much less so as a seller. With literally billions of webpages to compete against, how can your business stand out?

Digital content writing must be exceptional

Let’s face it...

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Why do I need a business blog? Here’s 5 damn good reasons

You already have a relatively successful business website. So why should you add a blog? Especially if it means paying out more money to have someone write it for you?

First up, blogging is an incredibly cheap way to increase your brand’s reputation.

Blogging requires roughly 9% of a full-time marketing team’s hours and just 7% of their total budget.” – HubSpot stats.

Here are 5 more damn good reasons for why the investment in a business blog makes perfect sense.

Why do I need a business blog? 4 speech bubbles spelling out BLOG

Business blogs are no longer optional

1. A business blog informs your customers

The age of the Internet means that your clients are now quite adept at finding information for themselves. This means that if they can’t find the information they need on your site, they will go elsewhere. Probably to one of your competitors.

Your b...

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