Dollars, Euros, Zloty and more – multicurrency payments welcome here


With more international copywriting projects than ever before, I am pleased to announce that clients can now pay in their home currency. Multicurrency services like Revolut and Transferwise greatly simplify the international payments process. Much easier than making traditional cross-border payments in British Pounds.


Multicurrency image of Euros, Dollars, Zloty, Pounds etcNormally international currency payments are a pain because of expensive bank fees and foreign exchange rates.


With all that extra hassle, you may be tempted to choose a local tech copywriter who speaks excellent English. But can they write convincingly in a foreign language?


Fortunately these problems are solved when you can pay for tech copywriting services in your home currency.


Multicurrency payments – everyone wins

Simplified accounting is just one benefit for you – no more hassle with IBANs, BICs and bank bureaucracy. And I win because these new FX services offer much lower fees than British banks.


Working with a native English copywriter has never been easier – or more cost-effective.


I already work with businesses based in Ireland, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, the USA and Spain. I’ve also written for others in Italy, Australia, Ghana, Moldova, Switzerland, Portugal and Lithuania.


Wherever you are, I can help.


To learn more about my multicurrency options – or to book native English copywriting services – please get in touch.




Do you work outside the UK?

Yes and no. I have clients across the globe, from the USA to Australia, Ireland to Poland and many other places in between. Annoyingly, I have yet to meet most of my international customers in person.I am very much based in the UK and I am most definitely a native English speaker though.

Do you offer agency rates?

I’m always open to negotiation. Let’s talk.

Can you do a free trial sample?


Do you speak any other languages?

Although I offer international copywriting services, my language skills are quite poor. I speak French and German to high school level, and I’m learning a few hundred words in Polish.

I am very good at working with people from across the world though, helping to turn their ideas into great copy – and sales.