4 reasons to use a press release writing service

You would be forgiven for thinking that the internet and 24-hour rolling news had made the humble press release redundant. But the truth is, press release writing services are still of immense value to your organisation. Here are four great reasons why press releases can still help your business.

1. Press releases get re-published

The whole idea behind a press release is to generate interest in the story and get other people to re-publish the details. Every time your story is repeated, your brand gains a little exposure.

Picture of a printing press, used to print stories garnered from press releases

Printing press technologies may have moved on but press release writing services remain essential

For the very best results, press releases should contain quotes and statistics. People love quantified data which they can then repeat and re-use themselves. It therefore makes sense to measure various aspects of your operations with a view to publishing your findings in press releases later.

2. Press releases create links

As well as increasing brand awareness, every republication or citation or your press release creates links back to your website. As such you should make sure that your releases contain keywords for which you wish to be found.

Note that press releases do not necessarily help with SEO, but the use of keywords helps the release itself be found by editors and journalists. And if the story warrants a press release, people are more likely to create mutually beneficial content off the back of your release.

3. Press releases help journalists talk about you

Press releases are designed for journalists. A well written press release should contain enough details for a journalist to begin writing their own coverage of your story. They can always contact you for more details later if necessary.

The easier you make the journalist’s job, the more likely they are to use your press release for inspiration. If you can get a reputation for delivering top-quality releases and content, journalists are also more likely to tap you for stories when they need a quote or background information, earning additional coverage in the process.

4. Press releases confirm your brand identity

Because your press release is the basis for other content creators to work from, your brand identity is also established and confirmed in the document. Use the release to show your brand, your tone and your message clearly – journalists will then replicate that, reinforcing your image wherever the story appears.


Social media may be the current marketing trend, but press releases are still a valuable tool for gaining coverage for your brand. If you’d like to know more about press release writing services from Tech, please get in touch.