Copywriting tip – Netspeak makes you lonely

In an official(ish) poll conducted by online dating site OK Cupid has discovered that using “netspeak” in introductory messages is a turn off to prospective partners. Particularly unattractive were shortened forms including:

A picture of a robot left brokenhearted after demonstrating poor copywriting skills in his introductory emails

FACT: Poor copywriting could leave you lonely and broken hearted.
Image © Grim Santo

  • ur (your)
  • r (are)
  • u (you)
  • ya (you? or maybe a posh form of ‘yes’? It’s a turn-off either way)

Use of these “words” in an introductory message led to a response rate of less than 10%.

Researchers also found that a good grasp of grammar and punctuation was actually attractive to would-be suitors. Being able to use apostrophes correctly in words like can’t and won’t increased response rates by as much as 37%. These findings have significant implications for website text and email shots too. Is it too much to believe that using apostrophes correctly in your copy could also raise click-through and conversion rates by up to 37%?

The OK Cupid is also based on analysis of the first message sent between prospective couples, giving a great insight into the importance of first impressions. If someone will not go on a date because their suitor uses netspeak, what hope does your email shot stand if uses the same style of writing?

Being able to write well indicates a good level of education and professionalism, creating a sense of trust in your brand. Poor grammar, spelling and punctuation makes your business look sloppy leaving website visitors to question your expertise. Follow the OK Cupid findings to their logical conclusion and it would appear that low quality copy will make you lonely.

The lesson in this is obvious. Great spelling and grammar creates contacts, netspeak kills conversations before they even start.

If you are worried your own copywriting skills are not up to scratch, or would like assistance on your project from a freelance copywriting professional, get in touch today.