Is your SME using the internet to its full potential?

A recent survey by Opinium Research looked at how British small businesses were using the internet to generate new sales leads and increase turnover. Encouragingly more than a third of those polled stated that they were already using social media channels, such as Twitter and Facebook, to connect with new audiences and better serve existing customers. 

Picture of an online shopping basket logoLess positive was the discovery that of the UK’s 1.1 million small businesses (those employing 49 or less staff), 660,000 are not yet online at all meaning that more than half of British SMEs do not have a web presence. This despite the majority of online businesses recognising the web is vital to the future of their companies.

The internet provides a platform to turn any small businesses into a global company by opening up products and services to customers from across the world. Online payment processing and stock management mean that selling to a client in Melbourne is just as simple as selling to someone in Manchester. Social media tools also allow for instantaneous, personalised customer service as well as an additional broadcast channel for marketing purposes. Well written web copy and articles can also inform would-be customers, allowing them to make a reasoned purchasing decision when considering using your business.

Creating compelling content for the web is an art and an ongoing process, but also cannot be ignored if an SME is to continue to source new sales leads and build reputation. Why not get in touch with us today to see how Tech Write can help your business get online?