Website apology

This is just a quick apology to anyone who has tried to access the Tech Write website over the past few days and run into problems. Like so many other webhosts, the company who provides our web space has been under attack by hackers looking to compromise sites running WordPress.

As our web provider hosts dozens of WordPress websites, their infrastructure has come under increased load, causing sites like Tech Write to buckle under the strain. As such we can only apologies for any inconvenience caused. We are hopeful that normal service will resume shortly.

Now the site is back, please have a browse – there’s loads of good stuff, particularly on the blog. Alternatively you can cut to the chase and email your copywriting project details to [email protected].

Graffito saying "sorry" for not being able to access our copywriting info
Sorry if you have been unable to access useful information about copywriting recently(Image provided by runran)