Who needs copywriting?

As a professional technical copywriter who spends all day dipping into Twitter conversations with other copywriters, it’s easy to forget some of the basics of our art. When I discovered that lots of people ask Google who needs copywriting? I was astonished.

At first I thought maybe this was yet another example of the copyright vs copywriter confusion. But after a while it dawned on me – if people don’t know what a copywriter does, why would they know if they need one?

Words are magic. And very hard work

Everywhere you see a piece of marketing text, a copywriter has should have been involved. If you need a three word tagline, or a 5000 word ebook, you also need a copywriter.

Who needs copywriting? Great text is not magic as this picture shows, it is the result of hard work

Magic copy is a lot of hard work

You are always surrounded by examples of copywriting, each of varying levels of quality. Great copy is extremely difficult to write – and not everyone can. The most persuasive, seductive texts are the result of hours or days of brainstorming, scribbling and amends.

A process that can take a lot of time.

If you are currently struggling to find the time or the words for your own copy, you need a copywriter.

Don’t be fooled, not everyone can write copy

The majority of people in the UK can write. But not everyone has the ability to stir customer emotions using carefully chosen words. No matter what millennial life coaches say, not everyone can be a copywriter.

Allowing a non-writer loose on your copy could be extremely costly too – a study by Global Lingo found that 59% of web users will leave a site if they notice poor grammar and spelling.

So if you are producing customer-facing text, and insist on going it alone, make sure you have a professional check it before publication. Even a quick once-over will help to improve the standard of your copy – money well spent when the leads and sales come rolling in.

Do you need a copywriter?

This checklist will help you decide whether you need a copywriter or not:

  • Do I know what a copywriter does?
    If you answered ‘no’, you probably need a copywriter. You should also check out this article.
  • Do I need text for a customer-facing document/ad/package/website?
    If you answered ‘yes’, you definitely need a copywriter, either to write the text, or check what you have produced.
  • Do I want to improve the professional image of my business?
    If you answered ‘yes’ the investment in a professional writer will pay for itself.
  • Do I have time to write my own text?
    If you answered ‘no’, you should let someone else do it for you.

Who needs copywriting? If you need text written, you need a copywriter.

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