Copywriting services for agencies

Picture of a man writing a customer report - like the copywriting services for agencies that I provideHere at Tech Write I work with a number of new media agencies to produce content for their clients’ websites. Depending on the specific copywriting needs of any project, I can take instructions from your agency or liaise with client direct.

By using my copywriting services for agencies your clients benefit from:

  • Expertly written web content.
  • Well-researched and reasoned articles.
  • An increased level of exposure through quality content.
  • Well executed calls-to-action encouraging web site visitors to make a purchase.

Copywriting services for agencies also provide the following benefits:

  • Agency time and resources can be diverted to other aspects of campaign management.
  • Cost effective web copy without the need for employing more staff.
  • Deadline driven copy production right when your client needs it.
  • Reduced rates for ongoing projects.

I can act as a representative of your agency or as an outside contractor depending on your own preferences. Often clients supply me with a company email address to contact clients direct and source additional information as required. I am also more than happy to participate in conference calls or site visits during the requirements gathering phase of any project.

I currently provide bespoke copywriting services to several “big name” agencies including:

Drop me line today and see how copywriting services for agencies can be put to best use for you and customers.