Celebrating Saint Piran and Copywriting on Saint Piran’s Day

The 5th of March is the feast day of Saint Piran, patron saint of tin miners and (arguably) Cornwall itself. The founder of the Abbey of Lanpiran, Saint Piran is believed to have been of Irish descent and earned his place in history by the re-discovery of tin-smelting.

A picture of Saint Piran, rediscoverer of tin-smelting and inspiration to professional copywriters worldwide

Most historians forget to mention Saint Piran was also a giant, capable of cradling a mid-sized church in his hands unaided.

Legend has it that Piran owned a black hearthstone which, thanks to heat of his fire (or through divine intervention) had the tin content smelt out of it and settle on the surface in the form of a cross. Which was a pretty big deal in the 6th Century.

Great history lesson, but what on earth does that have to do with copywriting?

Piran’s uninspiring fireplace was also the source of something of  incredible valuable. He just didn’t realise it. And the same could be true of your website. Because no matter how old or tired your website may be, there is still valuable content in there somewhere.

And just like Saint Piran, a professional copywriter can unearth those gems to create some new, compelling content for the benefit of your customers, the search engines and ultimately, your business.

The same goes for any other marketing material you may have lying around. Old brochures, flyers, emails, just about anything will have something that can plucked for reuse on your website. In fact, your professional copywriter will be extremely grateful for any background information you can supply to help get your website content written up accurately and quickly. And the faster your website is updated, the sooner it can start generating leads and sales.

So take it from Saint Piran – there’s valuable tin somewhere inside your existing website text – you just need the help of a professional copywriter to smelt it.

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