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Web Content tip – Are you ready for Christmas?

Today marks nine months until Christmas Day. To that it into perspective it’s worth remembering that one-quarter of a year has already passed since the last one. So why am I on about Christmas before we have even had the Easter weekend?

A picture of a Christmas present

With just 9 months until the big day, is your web content ready for Christmas?

If your business sells products and services to consumers, chances are that December is your busiest month. Consider the figures from Christmas 2012:

  • John Lewis reported a 44% growth in e-commerce sales from December 2011
  • Total UK retail sales were up just 0.3% on 2011, but e-commerce sales grew by 15.5% over the same period.
  •  24% of UK shoppers made at least one purchase using their mobile or tablet

With e-commerce becoming a significant part of your turnover, you need to hav...

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Have you considered Extreme Copywriting?

As your business grows, you will develop a corporate image and even a voice. But with competitors spread across the globe who occupy the same market space as yourself, how do you go about creating a unique identity that engages customers, creates a strong brand image and ultimately results in sales? You could consider extreme copywriting.

But traditional web copy works

In an attempt to capture as much of the market as possible, many companies adopt a softly-softly approach to copywriting resulting in fairly bland web content. This technique works for many companies who have established significant profits off the Picture of the Bic for Her productback of these risk-free websites...

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