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#MI1020 – When Microsoft got marketing right

After heavily criticising a Microsoft marketing failure, it seems only fair to praise them when they manage to pull off a success. In this case, I’m talking about the #MI1020 viral campaign run in London to promote the new Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone.

What was #MI1020?

#MI1020 was run in conjunction with Gingerline – an events team who specialise in themed dining experiences. The concept behind a Gingerline event is simple; people turn up at any London Overground station between Islington and Crystal Palace and wait for a text message containing instructions of where to meet. They are sworn to secrecy, and left completely in the dark to maximise the surprise when they finally arrive.

The MI1020 Secret Tasting Facility

The MI1020 Secret Tasting Facility

When they reach the rendezvous point, guests are then given additional c...

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Have you considered Extreme Copywriting?

As your business grows, you will develop a corporate image and even a voice. But with competitors spread across the globe who occupy the same market space as yourself, how do you go about creating a unique identity that engages customers, creates a strong brand image and ultimately results in sales? You could consider extreme copywriting.

But traditional web copy works

In an attempt to capture as much of the market as possible, many companies adopt a softly-softly approach to copywriting resulting in fairly bland web content. This technique works for many companies who have established significant profits off the Picture of the Bic for Her productback of these risk-free websites...

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Writing fake product reviews? Could be a bad idea…

For business owners who have products and services listed on consumer review sites, the temptation is great to create positive feedback in order to boost visibility and (hopefully!) sales. If you have already garnered a few negative or lukewarm responses, the pressure to address the balance is even greater, but research has led to the development of a new algorithm called GSRank which can automatically detect biased (or fake) reviews.

The researchers found that there were a number of common factors in fake reviews, regardless of who had written them and these form the basis of GSRank. It is hoped that consumer review companies like Yelp!, and maybe even Google themselves will implement GSRank to prevent product reviews becoming worthless to would-be customers.

Oh, and there also remains th...

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