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Why I don’t do SEO copywriting any more

There’s a reasonable chance that you arrived here at Tech Write looking for SEO copywriting services. There’s a slim chance that you may have even been sent here by Google after searching “SEO copywriting”. Because once upon a time everyone wanted SEO-optimised text. And I was more than happy to oblige.

But the fact is that I don’t do SEO copywriting any more.


Why not?

The answer is simple – the days of keyword stuffing, grammar mangling and Google-manipulation are over. For quite some time in fact. I could still produce something that would have suited the search engine optimisation techniques of old.

But I won’t.

Not only would I be robbing you of your marketing budget, but the results would be of limited success too...

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Cheap Copywriting Tip – Buy Cheap, Buy Twice

Normally I find the Money Saving Expert enewsletter to be a useful read, both from a personal and business perspective. Something in today’s edition however made my blood run cold.


Picture of the "Ward of Cheap" sign in London - no relevance to cheap copywriting though. © Ewan-M

The idea of anything being “cheap” in the City of London is amusing. And unlikely.

Tucked into a section headed “30 ways to earn cash online”, I found:


Write copy. Web content brokers pay £2-£30 per piece, eg, Groupon ads and travel descriptions. Forumite Sinkorswim says: “Been doing it 9mths & made £1,000. It’s a godsend.


Now the more cynical reader may think that I am simply being protectionist, that I can see my potential market being eaten away by people looking to make a bit of extra pocket money. Obviously the more copywriters there are in the market, the fewer jobs I can land.


But if commi...

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Copywriting tip – What the hell is a “Eurorealist”*?

During an interview with Radio 4 this morning, Minister without Portfolio Ken Clarke decided to drop a new word into the public conscious – eurorealist*. Despite existing in some limited circles since the middle of the last decade, eurorealist has yet to gain much traction and is certainly not yet in common usage (a quick Google reveals less than 250,000 matches).

A picture of Ken Clarke whose use of the term eurorealist presents a copywriting problem

Ken Clarke is a eurorealist apparently. Whatever one of those is.

The eurorealist example raises an important issue for businesses preparing to employ a professional copywriter. Should your web content be packed with up-to-the-minute wording?

When should you use “new” words in your copywriting?

In some circumstances, particularly when technology is involved, the introduction of new words is essential...

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Copywriting like Jane Austen – Pride, Prejudice & Predictability

Today marks the 201st anniversary of  the first publication of Pride and Prejudice. The books tells the tale of a young woman named Elizabeth Bennett, who seeks to land herself a husband in the form of Mr Darcy.

A picture of Jane Austen. Technically she was an author not a copywriter

Jane Austen has a thing or two to teach aspiring copywriters

Pride and Prejudice remains one of English literature’s most popular tales, and has been dramatised for TV and cinema many times over the past two centuries (as technology developed of course!). These days, the quest for a husband as a way to better oneself is an alien concept – so what makes the story continue to be so successful?

The fact is, Pride and Prejudice is predictable. It is a love story which, right from the start, the reader knows will have a happy ending...

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2012 – Our copywriting year in review – Part 1


2012 began relatively slowly here at Tech Write as we continued to provide ghostwriting services as part of our long-standing relationship with the team at Write My Site. Over the course of the next 31 days Tech Write created white label content on topics as diverse as:

2012 - Our year in review

Because a magnifying glass make analysis look so much more professional

  • Electronic invoicing and document interchange
  • Supply chain management
  • Hair loss
  • Car and household insurance


February marked the beginning of a new working relationship with ESP Recruitment– a specialist recruiter of skilled support staff for roles in schools...

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