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Incredible life hack from the world’s richest entrepreneurs

Have you ever wondered why Richard Branson is so ridiculously productive?

Or how Bill Gates remained focused long enough to build one of the world’s largest software companies?

Or even how Donald Trump found time to build a vast empire of money making ventures and to run for President?

The truth is that Gates, Branson, Trump and all the other billionaires you can think of use this one productivity life hack to keep their lives in check.

And it’s so simple anyone can steal their secret and start their own journey towards success/fulfilment/riches (delete as appropriate).

So what is this secret life hack?

What do they know that you don’t?

What have you been doing wrong all these years?

I’ll tell you…

they don’t waste time reading clickbait.

Pretty simple...

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More lessons from Microsoft’s reinvention

Some time back I wrote about the outstanding #MI1020 experiential campaign run by Microsoft to promote the launch of the then new Nokia Lumia 1020 handset. And last month I was invited to another ‘do’ to celebrate the launch of Windows 10.

This latest event confirmed something important – Microsoft is going all out to ditch its image of beige-and-boring corporate.

No suits allowed

A picture of the Windows 10 Ninja Cat

‘Ninja Cat’ – the unofficial official mascot of the Windows 10 development team.

The first thing to note on arriving at Old Billingsgate (besides the extensive free bar), was a huge number of enthusiastic geeks. Not middle-aged, brought-up-on-Windows-95 nerds, but full blown, code happy 20-something geeks.

Now if the press is to be believed, modern ‘yoof’ belong to hip up-and-comers like Google and Apple (w...

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What does the Apple Watch mean for marketers?

Apple Watch – what is it like?

After a massive fight with UPS over a lost shipment, I’ve been wearing an Apple Watch for several weeks now. All of the comments you’ve read elsewhere are true – on the plus side it’s surprisingly light, beautifully manufactured, and slick. And many of the negatives are (in my experience) complete FUD – apps don’t take forever to load (when your phone is connected to WiFi anyway), nor is the display on screen any more compromised than should be expected for something so tiny.

But there are problems. You’re going to need two Watches for a start, otherwise all of the cool haptic messaging features are wasted – so you know all those people bitching about the high cost of the watch? Well they’re wrong. By at least 50%.

A picture of the Apple Watch Messages app icon

The Apple Watch Messages app is (a...

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Copywriting tips – Personalisation vs Over-Familiarity

Journalist Colm O’Regan wrote a rant for the BBC online magazine  raising the issue of what he sees as overly familiar email and website text. In the article he raises umbrage with the overuse of his first name and copy which adopts an overly familiar tone.

For some time now online marketers have been stressing the importance of ‘personalisation’ when communicating with customers because people tend to respond better to messages directed specifically at them. However based on O’Regan’s experiences, it would appear some copywriters have taken the concept too far.

Picture of a man receiving a free hug - example of over familiar copywriting

It may seem warm and cuddly from your side but overly familiar copywriting may not be as well received as you hope.

Over familiarity can be threatening

We all know that our every online move is tracked by various advertisers with ...

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Haters – Are they as important as brand advocates?

The age of social selling has brought with it an increased focus on “brand advocates”. By creating a community of super fans, your business will benefit from “free” word of mouth advertising.

And in reality, happy customers are good business.

But is it possible that brand haters could help your business too?

Apple vs Android – a quick primer

In the tech world, few disputes seem as deep or as as vicious as iOS vs Android. For anyone who doesn’t know, iOS is the operating system used by Apple mobile devices, and Android is used by most other smartphones (ignoring Blackberry and  Windows Phone of course).

Picture of the Android logo 'fixing' the Apple logo

Geek humour – much funny

For tech journalists, such high profile hatred is great, providing plenty of controversy for the blog posts and columns that their editors demand.

But as the teache...

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