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Is Web Content Really King?

An article has been doing the rounds on Twitter this week positing that marketing is more important than the content written for your website. The main contention of the piece is that without marketing, no one will ever find the fantastic articles, white papers and blog entries you have carefully crafted for your audience’s consumption. And in a way, the author is correct.

However, long gone are the days when writing great copy and publicity were separate activities. With millions of new webpages being created every day, the chances of people simply stumbling across your website are virtually zero. It is therefore essential that every article or blog post you create is advertised somewhere to encourage people to visit. This can take the form of email marketing, tweets or submission to various web directories, but most important is that your web content is linked from somewhere else on the web. Preferably multiple times.

So far so good, but where the author of the Geeklesstech.com article appears to have made a serious mistake is failing to recognise that once a visitor has clicked through onto your blog, they are expecting something of genuine quality at the other end. And not just one page of goodness either, a visitor expects your entire website to be populated with equally engaging and worthwhile reading material.

So the old belief that ‘If you build it, they will come’ may well be outdated and incorrect, marketing alone is not sufficient to create business. Marketing and web content are now inextricably linked. It is essential when writing for the web (or having someone ghostwrite for you) that careful consideration be given how to market the information. By the same token it is essential when planning marketing efforts that the relevant articles, blog posts or general information have been created to reinforce your message and lend credibility to your claims.

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Web content is no longer king, but only a fool would believe that marketing alone has stolen its throne.

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Written by Ben Lloyd

Ben Lloyd has worked in the IT industry since 1996, covering a number of roles from helpdesk support to network management and everything in between. Tech Write is built on this experience, offering outstanding technical copywriting services to agencies and clients across the world.

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