Help Your Copywriter Help You – Know Your Customers’ Pain

The most effective copywriting speaks directly into the reader’s situation, helping to build confidence in your brand. Fail to connect on a personal level and your message will be lost in the background noise.

A man holding his head in pain brought on by poor copywriting services

This guy has a headache. Let’s hope it wasn’t caused by poorly focused copywriting

A copywriter can create compelling content designed to tug at the heartstrings of readers, but only if it is targeted correctly. Which is where you, the commissioner of copywriting services come in.

As a provider of goods and services you already know the customer problems you can solve. At the most basic level, you should know what issues your customers have when they turn to your company for help. What are their pains?

In the same way that your business’ offerings have been developed to relieve specific issues, your copywritten content should also be targeted to highlight these benefits. But you need to tell your copywriter what these solutions and benefits are in advance so that your marketing message remains relevant, increasing the chances of it converting readers into customers.

Articles, blog entries and web pages which just blather on about how great your business is are unlikely to generate any kind of positive emotional response. And it certainly won’t address a specific customer issue. That’s a copywriting fail.

Remember customer-focused content, just like customer-focused service, yields the best results, creating not only sales, but repeat sales.

If you find that your own website copy is failing to convert, or is simply not focused on addressing your customers’ pain points, drop Tech Write a message and see how our copywriting services could rectify this. Just don’t be surprised when we ask what your customers’ pain points are!