Copywriting tip – Who am I writing for?

Whenever I start a copywriting project, there is always an overwhelming urge to get started immediately, throwing down the salient points in a nice ordered list. It is relatively easy to produce content for customers that they really like.

Picture of a large black question mark

Who am I writing for?

Only, that’s not the point. Great copy is written for what your customer likes. What I as a writer, or you as the owner think is of far less significance.

That’s why it is important to approach any copywriting project slowly. It is crucial to understand not only the message, but the audience we need to reach. Who are they What are their needs? What problem of theirs do we need to address? I like to ask a lot of questions so that we both get the desired result – you get a load of new sales and I get a truly happy customer.

Because no matter how good my copywriting may be, and how satisfied you are with the final product, if it doesn’t “speak” to your target customer base, it will not create the response you want. More specifically, badly targeted copy does not sell.

So don’t be surprised if one of the first questions I ask at the outset of a project is “who am I writing for?”. I’m not trying to steal your customers or be nosy, I’m trying to target them better for greater success. Because my job is to help you sell more, not just to create quality content for your website.

For further advice, or to get some damn good, top-notch sales copy, drop me a line.