Happy Birthday Twitter

Whether you regard Twitter as an annoying distraction for txtspk-obsessed teens, or as a useful information sharing and gathering tool, the fact that it has reached the mature (in Internet terms) age of 9 is an impressive feat. Loved by celebrities and common people alike, Twitter has become an important communications tool in the 21st Century.

Some Happy Birthday candles to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Twitter's launch

Happy 9th Birthday Twitter. Enjoy it!

Twitter themselves estimate that their 200 million users send 400 million tweets daily. The microblogging platform allows anyone to reach a global audience and the succinct nature of tweets make it hard to bore your audience (in theory).

And during the Arab Spring uprising of 2010/2011, the US State Department even claimed that access to social media was a human right. “It’s the same kind of right as walking into a town square,” spokesman PJ Crowley claimed in an interview with the BBC.

With a global reach and millions of active users, Twitter offers a fantastic way for businesses to connect and communicate directly with their customer base. Receiving and answering product questions or support requests is simple and relatively easy to maintain. Twitter is also brilliant for sharing snippets of information or links to your audience. As long as you have some top quality content that your readers might like to tweet of course.

But Twitter can also be used for so much. You have the ability to see what people are saying about your brand and products, a way to communicate directly with industry leaders and the opportunity to profile your customers for instance.

Although Twitter is still far short of Facebook’s user base, the fact that the service has reached its seventh birthday and continued to grow, suggests that it will be around for some time. In which case, is your business on board yet?

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