Does the New iPad Change Mobile Web Content?

Much has been made of the New iPad, focusing heavily on the new ‘Retina’ display which has a pixel density greater than that of a 40″ plasma TV (for the non-technical reader that means you can fit more stuff on the screen at once). This sudden rise in available screen real estate presents web designers and content managers with a dilemma – how much should I put on each screen? Picture of the New iPad

Previously we discussed the importance of brevity when creating mobile-friendly websites because screen sizes meant that visitors were unlikely to spend a great deal of time and effort scrolling through screens. With it’s greater capacity however, the New iPad negates this argument doesn’t it?

Despite selling over 3 million units in less than four days, the New iPad is still a comparative rarity when it comes to the mobile web. There are still plenty of first and second generation iPads in circulation in addition to the plethora of Android-powered alternatives. Factor in smartphones with their 4 inch-ish screens and the answer is obvious. Mobile web content must still be short and to the point if it is to succeed.

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Until Samsung and other tablet manufacturers start shipping high definition screens on their tablets (which they invariably will in the near future), web content writers must abide by the same rules before to ensure that their articles and copy grabs the reader’s attention and converts into sales. The mobile web is here to stay and increasing in value every year. It is imperative that sites be designed and populated with mobile users in mind if they are to be a success.

The New iPad has certainly changed the tablet market again, but the wider impact on m-commerce and mobile web content will take a little longer. For now, short and sweet is still the order of the day.

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