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Happy Birthday Twitter

Whether you regard Twitter as an annoying distraction for txtspk-obsessed teens, or as a useful information sharing and gathering tool, the fact that it has reached the mature (in Internet terms) age of 9 is an impressive feat. Loved by celebrities and common people alike, Twitter has become an important communications tool in the 21st Century.

Some Happy Birthday candles to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Twitter's launch

Happy 9th Birthday Twitter. Enjoy it!

Twitter themselves estimate that their 200 million users send 400 million tweets daily. The microblogging platform allows anyone to reach a global audience and the succinct nature of tweets make it hard to bore your audience (in theory).

And during the Arab Spring uprising of 2010/2011, the US State Department even claimed that access to social media was a human right. “It’s the same kind of right as walking int...

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The day I insulted a pop star and irked some copywriters

The fists of some angry copywriters

Last week I wrote a tongue-in-cheek piece about Kaiser Chief lyrics and copywriting. Or more specifically, why Kaiser Chief lyrics are a terrible example for copywriters.

Much to my surprise, the article gained a lot of traction – particularly after someone grassed me up to lead singer Ricky Wilson:
Ricky Wilson shows his displeasure

I did however learn three lessons from the “success” of the post.

1. Some copywriters are very limited in their sources of inspiration

A number of fellow professionals were quick to point out that comparing song lyrics to copy is like juxtaposing potatoes and peas. Fair enough.

But it also became apparent that many of these people do not seek to improve their own skills by observing “good” and “bad” wherever it may be found...

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How Google Glass is already changing mobile marketing

Talk of Google Glass is everywhere in the media at the moment, with many branding the technology as the breakthrough for mainstream wearable computing. If you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you will have missed the release of the device to a select band of early adopters. Looking a bit like a pair of glasses, the device gives wearers a display mounted over their right eye onto which is projected information like emails, notifications and tweets. They can also take photos and videos using a camera built into the headset.

The technology remains in its infancy which is why Google have limited the number of “explorers”, and why initial reports from all but a few remain relatively muted...

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Online Marketing – Doing a John Terry

Anyone watching the Europa League Final on TV last night will have been impressed by the last-gasp winner scored by Chelsea. Far less impressive however was the trophy presentation after the match. As you would expect, the entire Chelsea squad filed past the assembled dignitaries, collected their winners’ medals and lifted the cup. But what you may not expect was John Terry’s quick costume change at the final whistle.

Having been sidelined with an injury, John Terry failed to make even the substitutes bench for the Cup Final. He was therefore sat in the Chelsea technical area in suit and tie watching the match, effectively just another spectator. However after Ivanovic’s winning goal, Terry felt the need to change into his playing kit (complete with shinpads) to collect his medal.


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Copywriting tip – Don’t disappoint with your writing

A quick glance at Twitter sometime after 10pm on Thursday would have shown a lot of interest by people who had just finished watching BBC1’s shiny, new drama series “Mayday”. Over the course of five nights, viewers were treated to a story of child murder, small town lives and the general freakery of the human race. Sentiment on Twitter was almost overwhelming – how do I get those 5 hours of my life back?

The cast of Mayday - ably demonstrating bad copywriting

Perhaps PC Alan should have arrested some of the Mayday scriptwriters for theft – stealing 5 hours from their audience (Image © BBC 2013)

Mayday was beautifully shot and spent plenty of screen time establishing its characters, so it should have been another triumph for the BBC. Yet it all went wrong. Why? And more importantly, what does this have to do with copywriting?

Wasting your audie...

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