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Copywriting tips – Personalisation vs Over-Familiarity

Journalist Colm O’Regan wrote a rant for the BBC online magazine  raising the issue of what he sees as overly familiar email and website text. In the article he raises umbrage with the overuse of his first name and copy which adopts an overly familiar tone.

For some time now online marketers have been stressing the importance of ‘personalisation’ when communicating with customers because people tend to respond better to messages directed specifically at them. However based on O’Regan’s experiences, it would appear some copywriters have taken the concept too far.

Picture of a man receiving a free hug - example of over familiar copywriting

It may seem warm and cuddly from your side but overly familiar copywriting may not be as well received as you hope.

Over familiarity can be threatening

We all know that our every online move is tracked by various advertisers with ...

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Copywriting tip – Google Translate won’t cut it

If you’ve ever visited a foreign website, Google Translate may have helped you understand the text. You will know from experience though that the translation is a little bit dodgy, with some odd grammar and words that don’t quite read correctly. Not to mention humour or cultural references that simply do not translate at all.

An auto-translated character in copywriting

Google Translate can get you out of a hole when reading. It will almost certainly put you in a hole if you use it for your copywriting though.

So if you know this, why on Earth would you rely on an auto-translate service to create marketing materials for foreign markets? If your French-to-English conversion is less than stellar, do you not think that the same is true for your own text going the other way?

Consider this example of a sales pitch received from an Indian ...

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Every text is an example of copywriting and a chance to sell

Employers are repeatedly warning “the next generation” that what they post online could significantly affect their future employment opportunities. But have you made the same consideration with the text that your business produces?

A picture of two people communicating without copywriting

Copywritten or otherwise, every message counts for your business

In theory, every single communication your company puts on paper/email/website is an opportunity to make a sale. Aside from the marketing mails designed specifically copywritten to sell an item, other messages offer you the chance to sell your brand.

Whenever you or your staff produce a webpage, send an email or tweet, you have an opportunity to encourage interest in your brand, raise your business profile and ultimately build a positive reputation.

You may already be aware of this of course...

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2 stats for copywriting for a great marketing email

Social media might be the “in” marketing technique, but when it comes to B2C sales, email marketing remains the most effective medium. According to research from the IAB, 88% of consumers regard email as an important communication tool and 85% of respondents saying they check their email every day.

Picture of a man trying to slingshot an envelope

Using these 2 key statistics, you can help ensure your emails hit their target

Which is why so many of the world’s largest brands make such an effort to keep customers “warm” using email. So what can you steal from the big boys’ playbook to put to good use as you copywrite your own email marketing campaigns?

Getting your email copy right

Getting your customer to actually open your email is something of a challenge, but there are a few further insights from the IAB research which can help:

  • 70% o...
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