Every text is an example of copywriting and a chance to sell

Employers are repeatedly warning “the next generation” that what they post online could significantly affect their future employment opportunities. But have you made the same consideration with the text that your business produces?


A picture of two people communicating without copywriting

Copywritten or otherwise, every message counts for your business

In theory, every single communication your company puts on paper/email/website is an opportunity to make a sale. Aside from the marketing mails designed specifically copywritten to sell an item, other messages offer you the chance to sell your brand.


Whenever you or your staff produce a webpage, send an email or tweet, you have an opportunity to encourage interest in your brand, raise your business profile and ultimately build a positive reputation.


You may already be aware of this of course, but do you ever apply that knowledge to your copywriting? Do you consciously consider the wider potential of every single message you send out?


And if every member of staff is communicating with “the outside world”, they too are copywriters for your brand. Have you instilled a culture of brand building with them?


It is a small thing to carefully consider the brand-building message behind each of your communications, but the implications could be huge. Every communication can make or break a sale.


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